Topper’s Tuesday

The hot weather forces us to stay inside or near the pool. I have been working around the pool on a drain problem, so it was easy for me. When I got too hot I jumped in for a quick cool down. My garage is also located close to the pool so I I did some more work on the spring hangers yesterday. They come out nice considering I had never made a set before. I will try to pick up the A spring today before welding them on the housings.

Nick Alexander had his last showing of his Woodies on Saturday and the event was very well attended. I did not attend but Walt gave me the story. Lots of outside cars were in attendance and filled the streets. I sure hate to see them split up, but time moves on so we will wait for another great collection to open up to the public. I am sure there are lots of private collections in LA that I do not know about.

My college buddy, Chip, is super involved in the Solid Axle Corvette Club. He sent along some pictures of their National meet this past weekend in Ventura. I know they are not hot rods, but the pictures make you want to get one and join in the fun. You roadster guys like the open motoring. The rough ride shouldn’t be a problem as you have solid axles front and rear.

George, from Petaluma is on his cruise to Colorado Springs in his red 3 window. I know he and his wife will be real close when then return in two weeks. Deuce 3 windows are real small inside… lots of time to chat.

I am off to the office so…

Stay Tooned!



JJ was at Nicks with his slick California Kid look coupe. This is a super ride redone by SC speed shop.


Green 5 window was new to me. Lots going on here. Take a look. No more 5 windows this week.


From my college buddy Chip, here is a shot of the cruise through the back roads to Santa Barbara. Nice ride.


Washington blue 35 sd looks nice. Just needs a hot rodder’s touch to be perfect.


My other Bob friend wants to build one of these for the PRCRR next year.


Vendetta Auto Fab in Detroit has a very clean new 33/4 chassis. See JJ for details.


Here is a shot of the exhaust system I started on the roadster. Close to the steering but it fits. Old picture.

Today’s ride…dreaming!


Corvettes need gas to run. What a shame. Gas was 27 cents a gallon in 1960 when I had one of these.

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