Toppers Tuesday

I have several email address’s and sometimes I forget about checking them for input. Last night I looked at one address and my friend Frank had sent me several pictures of some of his projects. Frank is a true hot rod enthusiast. He always has several cars at one time and drives them everywhere. Currently, he is into Deuce 5 window coupes. I am trying to persuade Bobo to take the fenders off his coupe and these pictures may do it for him. Both cars are chopped 4 inches and black. I will take pictures to Toppers for the big BS discussion. Now Bobo doesn’t like 4 bars on open wheeled cars so he will need to make the change. I told him it would be easy with John’s help and my supervision. I am not sure he agreed. Anyway, I will share some photos with you today.

Toppers should be good today as it is real hot in the Valley (100+). Dick has been riding around with his top on so maybe today he will go topless. Roadsters and old men’s bodies with fragile skin don’t like these hot days. You need a good A/C coupe for a day like today. I did not make it to see the delivery yesterday as I could not reach the seller. Craigslist sometimes has some good deals but the sellers are hard to contact. LA is a big place to go chasing around. I will show pictures today and listen to the criticism about how could anyone want an ugly sedan delivery. I am a retired Truck dealer and they are special to me.

I was talking to some of my friends in the Bay area and they told me GG’s in August will have a special gathering of cars that Roy Brizio has built. Tom thought there would be over a 100 cars on display. Roy builds one of the best in my mind. I only wish I could afford one. I chased a couple of used ones a few years ago and the Brizio name commands big dollars in the resale department. If you are interested always call and ask for Dave as he is the go to man for used Brizio cars…bring your checkbook.

I am off to the Valley this morning so I will leave you for now…

Stay Tooned!



Here is Frank’s 5 window when he first purchased it. Nice old solid hot rod needing some TLC. The car has the look.


A nice project for Frank. He took it to the shop for some finish work. Bobo would have called it done.


Work in process. A little mud to make the black paint straight. Lots of work during this stage. Note SAC frame and new wheelwells.


Finished car with copper wheels. This would be the high school “Kings” car in my days. Harley Boots, ducktail and Jimmy Dean jacket with collar up…COOL Man.


This is Frank’s Washington Blue model A. Nice ride with QC.


Frank has always had at least one 40 coupe and here is his latest. He met this fellow on the road heading up the coast highway. How can you beat a 40 coupe?


Some more 5 window coupes with WW’s and chopped tops (4 inches). I like ’em.


Here is a nice rusty one with a 2 1/2 inch chop. Looks about right for a tall guy. Frame looks fresh.


Black coupe with 2 inch chop. Still looking good and comfortable.


Stock height roof looks…well…O.K. I could have Scott fix that in a day or two.

Today’s ride…dreaming!


Did you expect a sedan? No, I think the convert is the car of choice today. Nice ride for the old man.

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