Topper’s Tuesday

It is now Wednesday so you know I was real busy yesterday. The Memorial for Joe and Lois is on everyone’s mind so little time for writing. Toppers was crowded and we all discussed the JM Memorial. I brought Bobo a picture of Dick’s new roadster top and he liked it. Dick will drive his car to Joe’s Memorial on Saturday for all of us to view. Joe will be missed by all of us as he has been in Simi for over 30 years and has always had a Street Rod. Joe liked to call them Street Rods, not Hot Rods. The weekend should be a great tribute to Joe and Lois.

As for work at Pewsplace, it has been slow. The old body is not up to doing much these days. I dream alot and take lots of naps, but don’t accomplish much. As the saying goes, maybe next week I will feel better….next week never comes.

Here are some more pictures for you…

Stay Tooned!



Nice shot of rear end on sedan hiboy. Simple and understated with Deuce taillights.


Streets of LA in the early days. John’s cab was visiting here in those days.


Gary finally finished his Woody. Very difficult front end to assemble. Beautiful job!


Leather Front seat by Ace High upholstery.


Rear seat which is a Glide redone.


Carpet in rear is not finished yet but close. Lots of storage room for the wife’s goods.

Today’s Ride…dreaming!


I have not featured this car but I have always loved it. Bob Morris built this car in the 80’s. My friend Don built it for him and it was truly a masterpiece. Only the best of the best worked on this car. Steve Davis, CSR, Thelan, Eastwood and many others helped make it perfect. Bruce Meyer just obtained this car from Tim Allen. Now he has almost all the great ones.

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