Toppers Tuesday

It is late for me to write a post, but I have wasted all day hanging with the gang. I am now watching the Lakers loose game 3. Kobe blew it. Well enough sports, lets talk cars. Bobo and I headed to the paint store to purchase some Washington Blue paint for his coupe. Paint is very expensive but this is getting ridiculous…$500 for a gallon and quart of hardener. That is too much for a home paint job. There must be a cheaper paint. Tomorrow we will look for the deal, not PPG. I finally got home and did some work on the sedan frame that I will show you on Friday’s feature.

A good friend sent me some pictures of a beautiful 48 Woody that is for sale. This car is absolutely gorgeous. The real surprise is the Hemi motor placed under the hood. Now a car like this is not inexpensive so if your interested let me know but is in the 6 figure range and worth it. I also know of another Woody for sale in the same price range. Woodies are nice if you need to take the family or friends to the beach.

Well I better go to bed and get some rest for a big day tomorrow…headed to Pomona…so –

Stay Tooned!



Front of the beautiful 48 Woody from AZ. Nice color, stance, wheels and tire combo and perfect wood. Looks inviting to me.


Here is a side profile showing off the wood and paint coordination. Nice!


The interior looks stock with woodgrain dash, stock column and instruments.


This is my favorite feature of the Woodies. The top wood makes the car very comfy and boat like.


Surprise, a Hemi under the hood. Nice and unusual touch. Note detail of engine compartment.


Look closely no outside hinges on the Brookville clone. That is O.K. as Nitti and McGee all had hidden hinges on their roadsters in the 40’s. This car was at the PRC this year and looked very nicely built.


Flathead in above car was carefully put together with some rare parts. Note detailing. The engine sounded great like a flathead should.


Faith will be at the LARS with here Deuce Hiboy. I have not seen the movie but plan to when it comes out.

Today’s Ride…Dreaming


You need one sedan and this one is out here now. I hope to see it in person in the preferred parking area. Gary built this car the first time. I like the 2 1/2 inch chopped top…perfect.

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