Toppers Tuesday

The weather in LA has been the best I can remember in a long time. I am moving very slowly with my new friend in my groin area so I have lots of time to dream. I can’t sit for extended periods of time that is required for posting, so here are some photos from the Roadster show.

I started building a top for my 33 roadster prior to my surgery, and yesterday a friend of mine came over and bent the tubing, so I will take some pictures and post them on Friday. This months Street Rodder Magazine has a great article on a top being built by Terry Hegman that is a duplicate of the Double Nickel car built by Thelan. I am using fabric, but he sure nailed the look for the Deuce. I think a top completes the look on a roadster.

Stay Tuned!



Bob Kolmos and Tom Walsh perfect pair of Deuces….built in the 80’s


Very traditional hiboy, skinny tires and wheels


34 hiboy stood out in the sea of Deuces


Two friends of mine who have similar Deuces yet different in many ways

One is Brizio built and the other is home built.


John’s super 32 being featured soon.

Sneak Peek


Duvall Header Detail

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