Topper’s Tuesday

The NHRA Twilight Cruise is tomorrow night and I am sure lots of roadsters will be in attendance. Usually the long distance guys come early and attend this event. I will try to take some pictures of the long distant drivers. Yes, the LA Roadster Show is the one to attend. Each year the event seems to be bigger and better. The club works very hard to make sure every thing goes smoothly. You should understand that if you are a swapper, long lines are the norm so take a cooler, some food and walk the line and inspect the deals. Some good deals can be had early on Friday.

The show offers preferred parking in the parking lot and 1936 and older roadsters parking inside the roadster area for finished cars. I would estimate their will be 700 – 800 roadsters all painted and shiny for you to view. I spend the entire three days and still don’t see all of them. Isn’t this exciting.

Topper’s will be a little sad today as Joe won’t be there. We are all thinking about you Joe. Tell Lois hello.

Stay Tooned!



A different Deuce last year with Duvall and Chevy louvered hood. Looked good to me.


While no drag racing is going on during the event the Pomona Drag Strip is on the same venue. Maybe someday?


A very nice Washington blue, Tacoma cream roadster from MO.


Brad’s 29 will be there. I like this one.


Yes, there will be lots of pre-war style cars there. This one is very, very nice and detailed. GNRS this year.


A long as the paint and upholstery are good… these old dogs can park with the big boys.


I also like model 40 roadsters and this one will be there in the swap meet area with the PRC.


This beauty is in attendance every year and is one of my dreams. I have lots of dreams.


Some owners bring their cars from Australia to the LA Roadster Show. Yes the show is the one and only in my book.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


Joe and his buddies at the latest run for breakfast. They miss you Joe.

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