Topper’s Tuesday

I am writing this early today as I hope to spend the rest of the day on my chassis. Dave called yesterday with an urgent request for a Vega box as his had gone south on him. It seems the sector and worm gears were starting to growl from lack of grease and it would not be long before it would lock up. No problem, Bobo and I both gave him a rebuilt box to try. Many people are switching to the larger 525 from Flaming River or Borgensen. These units are far superior to the Vega and are offered with the short shaft for a direct replacement. Good luck Dave.

The recent demand for the old F1’s and the F100’s 53-56 Ford pickup steering gears have certainly driven up the price. I know they are correct for period cars and work pretty good but the angle of the drag link just is not right. Ken had it right when he had Dave put in a 40 box that is also correct but looks and operates better than side steering. Speaking of side steering, how about the cowl steering that is so popular today. I would never drill a hole in the cowl so I don’t have to worry about that trend. A car at the PRC had a pitman arm that was a least two feet long. Go Kart steering for sure.

I need to get to work so here are some more pictures from the weekend.

Stay Tooned!



Here are some photos of this amazing roadster. The car had a crowd around it all morning. This is a very early shot.


Beautiful dash installed by Dave with a full compliment of industrial gauges. In the middle was a knob with numbers that I didn’t recognize. John, you probably know and have two of them.


Deck has a different louver pattern which matches the hood. Neat. LZ tail lights are also different.


Trunk was full of detail with aluminum and rivets.


Riding in style in a 36 roadster is the best. John has all the cars in his stable.


From Johnny Carson park a beautiful full custom 54 Merc. This car was fresh and perfect. Packard tail lights and all.


Washington blue, the new red, 40 sedan was standing tall and ready for the show. Money was no object on this car. Very, Very nice.

Today’s ride…Dreaming


Jeff’s, Moal built track roadster. This is the one in my mind.

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