Topper’s Tuesday

O.K., so it is Wednesday and I am just writing this post. I was real busy yesterday and, of course, American Idol was on last night so I couldn’t write the blog after Disco songs. Bob called early and wanted me to see his louvered trunk lid. Bob, yes another Bob, did a great job of installing the lid. The process called for a new skin from Brookville that was sent to Rootlieb for the Dry Lake louvers to match the hood. Bob then cut the side lips off and fastened the panel to the original deck lid with adhesive and small screws. The final installation will be tacked and wiped with bondo. The two pieces are being powdered coated prior to final assembly. The end result will look great.

I have also been working on the Deuce frame. I finally have the diagonal in sync and can tack the frame together. The rear shock mounts are being fabricated to accommodate both conventional shocks and coil overs. I want the A spring to work but need Tom’s expertise to have one made. Tom swears, like Eastwood that springs ride as good as coil overs and just look right.

I am off again this morning to secure some more parts so here are some pictures.

Stay Tooned!



Trunk lid showing unusual spacing to clear rumble lid. Looks good. Lots of work to make these look good.


Hood matches trunk and will ad the racy look to the cars design. Rootlieb built the hood and Bob spent 40 hours making it fit the cowl. The cowl had been modified from Brookville and was full of bondo. The A cowl has a lip that needs to be removed and caused some metal problems, so they put in bondo to repair.


Aluminum interior adds to the overall theme of the car. Aluminum panels will be coated in a special technique that will be attractive with the paint scheme of black and silver.


My homemade jig for the frame. The vertical tubes hold the frame square and prevent distortion. Frame is stock width at axle center line.


A crossmember with new shock mounts. These studs can be removed and tubes added for coil overs if required. I may make some neater ones but these work.


Bruce’s Rod Shop, one of my favorite builders has the look I am after. Note neat brackets he fabricates. He has a great eye for design. Exhaust hangers are clever.


He rounds the edges on the brackets for a OEM look. Note the 9 inch Ford bearing ends on the early Ford axle tubes. I like it.

Today’s rides…Dreaming


3W Larry’s at Moal’s last year. No frills and super craftsmanship.


This one is from Louisville and has the look I like. Too hot today for a roadster or a coupe. The truck will have to do.

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