Topper’s Tuesday

Beautiful roadster day in LA today. A little brisk and very inviting for roadster drivers. Toppers was packed when I arrived and the talk ranged from Don’s new roadster top to GM’s troubles. Yes, times are difficult for everyone so we agreed to talk cars not the economy. Myron and Dick went to the Hot Rod Reunion and really enjoyed the Cackle Fest of 31 diggers. If you have never seen the show at night, it is quite a treat. My friend, Ed who passed away a while back really enjoyed this part of the reunion. You can see the pictures on Jalopy Journal. I received a call during lunch from a fellow who is selling a 40 coupe that sounds interesting….here we go again. This sure is fun. Forty coupes are showing up everywhere. This is a good thing about a slow economy. Long stored projects become available.

Bobo is going to take his frame out to the Kennedy Boys and have the pedals done for the flathead. Joe said they have acquired a 32 3 window that he should look at. Now, Bobo is a 5 window man, so this will be a change. Speaking of 3 windows, I understand one was just purchased in Northern California that has been stored for 40 years. If I obtain some pictures I will post them and tell the story.

Stay Tooned!



Perfect SO-CAL 29. This car was on the PRC Reliability Run last year. Home built I believe with help from SO-CAL.


Don’s Brizio built Hiboy. This car has all the toys including a Winters QC and Bob Top. Nice ride on a day like today.


The trunk has a lot of louvers to provide the look of a hot rod.


Don also has a Brizio built Wescott 3 window for cold and rainy Washington days. I have seen this car and it is real nice.


Front end view of 34 on ebay. I love this look.


Side view of same car. I would follow this car for miles to see it go down the hiway. I am learning to make video’s…watch out.


Rare phaeton on ebay. Looks super with H&H flathead and perfect black paint. Gary has the one.


I could ruin this nice stock height 5 window with one trip to Bobo’s house. Why have 5 windows become so popular in the Hiboy configuration? They look good and the doors don’t fly open.

Dreaming….On the Road.


Local 40 coupe that Frantic rebuilt. This is a fabulous car and probably the best of the best in the Valley. George is proud.

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