Topper’s Tuesday

The economy being what it is has not killed the old car business. Sure, some people are holding back but if a good car becomes available someone will purchase the vehicle. I have been looking for a 40 coupe and it seems like there are several available to choose from. I have found Craigslist to be the best source for locating cars and parts. You can view all parts of the country and find what you are looking for….no bidding, no Paypal and in general nice people.

Today is very nice so I will be headed to Pasadena to look at one of these 40 coupes that is for sale. The car looks good, the price is right and now for the magnet test. I need to take someone with me to make sure I don’t leave it behind. I always want to think about the deal before buying. Good deals or good cars don’t last. If you like, it buy it. You can always re-sell it later on. I will be short today as I must get in the traffic and play.

Pictures today are a little bit of everything. Some of you have sent in some beauties so here they are. Thanks for the pictures.

Stay Tooned!



Nice old custom 40 convert. Note Stude taillights and section job. White tops were required then and now.


Here is one on ebay that would make a good candidate for a custom and not upset the restorers.


I love these old custom 39 convertible sedans. John would love this one.


One of the most famous tubs..Ray Vegas beauty.


Ray made the cover of Hop Up. Morty has done a great job of bringing back Hop Up.


This is a before and after shot showing chopped versus stock height. Which do you prefer? You know which one I like.


This pre-war look Deuce is currently on ebay. Brookville body but she sure has the look. Tardell flathead and all. Steve get busy.

On the Road (in my dreams)


Nice 3 window headed for Pasadena to check out a 40 coupe. Driving is what keeps you dreaming.

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