Topper’s Tuesday

I started to wire my roadster yesterday and thanks to Joe and Gary I made some decisions about routing. I never liked loose wiring or mixed and twisted strands of wire in my cars. Bob showed me a little trick of routing the wires through multi-hole boards to keep them straight with each other. You simply pull the wires through the board and ty rap them every 3 inches or so. It works great and looks neat. Photos on Friday.

On another subject. I was sorting through some old 5 x 7 photos, remember those, and came across some of my older running projects. I have owned over a 100 cars in my old age and have pictures of most of them. I plan to scan many of them and show them on my site. Here are a few of the cars in recent years.

I have also included some photos of my favorite sedan delivery’s.

Stay Tooned.



Marty Moore’s perfect 41 delivery. The car is still around and perfect. Marty is from the San Diego area and attends events when possible. You have to see this one.


In my driveway, but my neighbor, Terry had just purchased the car. The car has quite a history and is a California car from day one. The delivery is very, very straight and super fast.


Tim built this beauty while in Danville and I used to drool over it at Max’s Diner on Saturdays. Very shiny and straight. Tim really takes care of his cars. He got the Deuce fever and sold it a few years ago to fellow in Portland. I have never seen it since.


George, the Delivery man also has a super 3 window Deuce he built. The car was in the GNRS a few years ago. Rides like a Cadillac or Mercedes whichever you own.


Jim metal finished a 32 Phaeton for Roy Brizio that is perfect. Roy loves his Deuces. Talk about rare.


Poor mans Phaeton is a Wescott beauty I traded Steve out of a few years ago. I loved this car but did not fit in it. The seat needed to be moved back 3 inches. I purchased the parts from Karl, but sold it and purchased another 40 convert.


A very happy day for me, Woody shirt and all. I just returned home from Napa with this prize from Ted. This was a great rust free Woody.


Bill finished it with help of his talented crew and gave it to his son. I am glad it went to such a fine home and was not hot rodded.


My Ruby, a 1948 Ford Dearborn winner from Napa. Louie Wolf built this one and I enjoyed it for many years. The car is now in Bakersfield.


When I hung at Boyds for many years I got hooked on building a clone of the Kolmos phantom. This is how far I got before I switched to a Wescott body and sold it to Jerry who came in second at the GNRS. Varni won.



Pebble Beach is the place to dream and feel good about yourself and your cars. If you don’t mind spending money then PB is the place to go. You only live once…or twice…or?

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