Toppers Tuesday

Everyone had places to go today and the talk was about 40 Ford Tudor sedans and flames. It seems I started something with pictures of the Tudor I like. Flames are personal in taste, so you can imagine the comments I received about the two forties I recently discussed. I even had pictures of the car with me to explain how I would redo them to satisfy my taste. Nope, flames are not popular with the “Lunch Bunch”. I even took the picture to Frantic Freds shop and he didn’t express a great deal of love for the flames either. Oh well, an all black 40 sedan is a little too common and plain so flames look good to me.

My wife and I went to San Diego to view another plain black 40 sedan on Sunday. Rich was a real nice man and showed us the car. I had known about this car for sometime, but never really looked it over. The car had a beautiful interior and was very nicely done. I still could not get the flamed one out of my mind so now I can think about both of them.

I am hoping to go back and drive the flamed car after the holidays and in the meantime I am working on how to fix the flame job to suit me. Chip had the best idea so far. Paint the fenders and live with it.

In closing, I would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy you family and friends and go out in the garage and show them what you are dreaming about. For those of you back East, maybe just tell them about what is in the garage. I know some of you have heaters, but the TV shots of Chicago and Minneapolis make me shiver. I lived in both places in my career with GM. Plug in engine heaters at the hotels. No thanks!

Stay Tooned!


Happy Holidays to all.


San Diego 40 Tudor sedan interior. Very nice and comfortable. Woodgrain moldings add a nice touch.


The dash has been greatly modified by Steve Davis. Instruments are SW Wings and look nice. Speaker grille has been trimmed.


Back seat tuck and roll in a light beige color vinyl. I like the style and design.


Door panel design is also done nicely with woodgrain moldings.

Flames and Forties


Steve’s nice flamed sedan.


Coupes and flames also look good. Shot was in JJ. Nice photography.


Maybe I could substitute Tommy the Greek wheel graphics like this 46 convertible. I don’t like those either.

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