Topper’s Tuesday

Cold this morning, ice on the cars and driveway. I think I am back in Michigan. I went for my morning walk and the brisk air felt good. I am up early as I need to do some Christmas shopping today. I spent most of the yesterday chasing down a nice 40 Tudor that I have found. I have known about this car for some time and it finally became available for sale. I need to find a car a day to keep me happy. I don’t purchase many, but locating them is the sport I enjoy. I never seem to find the cheap ones, only the high priced worn out specials. That’s O.K…Steve finds the good deals.

The cold weather and the need for heat in a Hot Rod, brings the cost of old auxiliary heaters to mind. Have you watched ebay lately? 1940 Ford heaters in good condition can bring $300 or more. The 46-48 type are much cheaper but don’t look as good to me. I had one in my 46 delivery and it really worked great. I am still looking for a nice 40 heater for my future delivery. Why not dream?

Chrisman Brother’s open house is Saturday and promises to be a great event. Jane and I are going to Orange County to shop and look at some cars, so maybe we will stop by and take some pictures. In the meantime we always have Pete Eastwood’s Horseless Carriage meet coming up after Christmas. This is one of my favorites and always draws a big crowd.

Today lets look at some cold weather sedans with heaters. Chopped sedans are warmer than stock height.

Happy Holidays.

Santa if you are reading this blog, please don’t miss my house with that new delivery.

Stay Tooned!



Still in bare metal, Pinkees Hemrod would work even on a cold day. I hope this is at this years show.


Nice black Hiboy with contrasting steel wheels. I am sure it has a big heater.


Here is Cornhusker’s Bare metal Hiboy before being painted gold. See Monday’s blog. Kill the side exhaust.


Another real nice 32 HIboy.


Four doors are even popular. Here is a nice bare metal special. Might be cold today with no top covering.


Chuck’s chopped 4 door is a real head turner. FI motor and all. Kennedy Brothers chop.


They even look good with full fenders. This is a local car with a 2 inch chop and all blacked out.


Stock height full fendered sweety. This one has the look with 5 spoke wheels and all.


Foley’s Reno, NV Hiboy. This used to be my favorite, but has changed hands and went down hill. The car was for sale at the LA Roadster Swap this summer. Race car look and sound. Yes!



My late friend Boyd built this Hiboy for Scotty Gray on his TV show. Very nice car, Rod Bod with Winters QC.
I know Boyd is building more as we speak. Let the chips fly.

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