Toppers Tuesday

Cold this morning, but the weather lady tells us that it will be 90 by the weekend. I love California and the wonderful climate year round.

The topic on most peoples mind is the economy. Every day a new bailout is being sought. I don’t know where this is going to end, but now my company, GM, is near the end. Bankruptcy for the big 3 will probably be the end of the automotive industry in the United States. The big 3 have been in business for over a 100 years and for much of that time have provided jobs for millions of people world wide. I hate to see the end come but the foreign automakers will soon take over the American Industry and provide more jobs. Somehow it won’t be the same. America has really become dependent on the rest of the world for consumer goods. Once the world leader in innovation and manufacturing we now are way behind the curve. Is the real reason, cheap labor, no unions, or could it be American greed. If you look back in history, the rise and fall of the Roman Empire sure seems to fit our current situation except for the government control.

Speaking of government control, bailouts will put the new President in charge of financial institutions, automotive companies, and anyone else needing a bailout. Socialism comes to mind when we think of government control, but we have proven that we can’t do it without control. I may be sweeping floors or mowing your lawn in a few months so I will end my 2 cents worth and show you some cars.

Tomorrow, the economy and the Hot Rod industry.

Stay Tooned!



Here is a nice Deuce from Oregon. Small Hemi, artillery wheels, bias tires, super black paint and very nice detail. Bakersfield Hot Rod Reunion.


My friend John’s Potvin roadster showing beautiful Auburn dash and 40 column. I love this car.


My 32 project…installing the Model A rear cross member. Am I nuts with my back! Walsh sez he can make em ride better than coil overs….right!


I have been looking for interior ideas. This is a Tardell build with a brown school bus leather interior. What do you think?


Don’s new roadster with a louvered deck lid. These are nice and expensive from Steve’s. Eric can do them for less.


39 convertible sedan from back East. I still love these 4 doors. John wants one to keep.


New x member for the 48 convertible. Mine was cut out so why not have one that works.



Currently on ebay for a low price of $94K. This car was built by Tom Sharpe in the Washington area and won the V8 Nationals years ago. He also built another one that was a Ford Service truck replica. I don’t how this one ended up on ebay but it is really very nicely done….too nice.

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