Topper’s Tuesday

Busy day today. Bob called and wanted me to come look at his new Glide seat he had upholstered. I was going to Toppers anyway so I told him I would stop by. The seat came out really nice. He used a dark charcoal vinyl with a horseshoe pattern and 3 inch pleats. Surprisingly, the seat was very comfortable for me in the Model A roadster he is building. I usually don’t fit in these cars but Warren had made more room in the cockpit to accommodate his 6 foot plus structure. The roadster is going to be so much better for driving than the 29 Hiboy he just sold.

This morning before leaving I followed up on a ZZ4 motor than was advertised. The price was really good but the seller knew nothing about the engine as he took it in on trade. I asked everyone at lunch that would listen about how to look at a used engine and tell if it is good or bad. Here are some suggestions I received:

1. Check the spark plugs to determine oil or heat problems. If the plugs are new be suspicious.
2. Pull valve covers and see if engine looks clean inside. Check rockers, push rods, etc for problems.
3. If possible, pull pan and look at bearings, rod and crank. This is not always possible on a used engine.
4. Check dipstick for oil and water. Smell to determine if oil has been overheated.
5. Check nuts and bolts to determine if they have been removed and replaced.

I am going to look at the motor tomorrow so I was grateful for the tips.

I am trying to find a ZZ4 motor that is used for under $1500. I have found several but they were all junk. I am a patient man when it comes to saving money. The wife likes that. If she only knew.

Stay Tooned!


Here are some cars I like.


Frantic Fred rebuilt this black Hiboy for a customer. This is an old Deuce Factory car that has be redone in a fine style by Mr. Frantic himself. Nice job!… SBC, auto, 9 inch, new everything including interior.


Currently on ebay this 34 sedan with a Potter trunk was one of my first 34 Fords. I copied Jim Smith’s beautiful black one from the 70’s. This is the car than run over me in 1976. Story some day soon.


Poteet’s 37 Ford, truck grille Hiboy, going together at my favorite builder’s shop in South San Francisco. I still like this car today. I even like the grille.


Sometimes late at night, after working all day, it is nice to set back, open a cold one and reflect on the day’s accomplishments. A job well done on this 34 5 window coupe.


Rudy can build the look into any car, but with a 3 window it isn’t hard to do. This looks perfect to me. Heavy chop and rake has the pre-war look popular today.


Profile is perfect. This sold on ebay last year for big $$$$$$$$$$!


Dave’s “Full House” Deuce always draws a crowd. JJ had a nice posting on this car recently. Dave keeps it fresh. Car has 4o dash that looks fantastic.


I feature this car all the time because Steve is a friend and I have always liked it. He found me a look alike but the seller is not ready yet.



This is the place to be…driving down the 118 in a red 40 coupe that Frantic Fred rebuilt this year. This is a beautiful 40 with the best of everything. I like it.

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