Topper’s Tuesday.

I am writing this prior to the Topper’s Tuesday bash so I will be sure to include any updates later on in the day, if there are any. I have been watching a friend of mine, Gary in Sonoma, build a very nice 37 Woody. He is a perfectionist and this is his first Woody. He sent me a couple of shots to share with you. He also has the best, most photographed, 32 Phaeton that he built in the 80’s. Gary also likes 40 Ford delivery’s and coupes. He has a nice 40 delivery he is building which I will try and get some pictures of soon. The delivery is Cloud mist Gray. He has the color in 50 gallon drums.

Speaking of deliveries, I received some pictures of Stewart’s 40 delivery going together in the Northwest. WOW, nice detail of a replacement floor using Bradley floorpans. This is going to be a very, very nice delivery.

As for my project, I am busy with the column shift and have almost completed the project.

Let’s look at the pictures. Thanks to everyone who keeps sending me the photos. I appreciate it very much.

Stay Tooned!



Gary’s very nice 32 Ford Phaeton. The color is Mercedes beige with a dark brown interior in wide pleats. The car is a magnet to the ladies at a meet. Gary is very shy around women.


Rear view showing fitment, maroon wire wheels and super top design. He was in the running for the top 75 Deuces.


Gary’s 37 Woody Wagon promise’s to be a spectacular car when finished. You should have seen what he stared with. Here you can see the dash and the quality of the new wood and varnish. Very nice job.


Rear Glide seat springs and brown wheel wells add the stock look to the restoration. The car has a Heidts front end, 327/350, eight inch rear end on parallel leafs and steel wheels. Gary’s standard build items.


Here is Gary’s 40 Cloud Mist Gray coupe he built a few years ago. Another beauty now owned my friend Bob.


This is a mint stock 40 Ford front floor. Hard to find in this condition.


Stewart sent me pictures of the front floor if his delivey using Bradley pans and a stock tunnel. Looks fantastic. More photos on Friday.

My Progress on the 33


New shift selector lever on 40 column near firewall. I mad this out of tubing and .120 flat stock.


Cloumn selector mad fron 3/4 tubing and a button head 10/32 stainless bolt.

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