Topper’s Tuesday

Fire, Fire everywhere. Yes, it is that time of year again. Fires are burning all around us, but so far we are safe. Welcome to California where is shakes, bakes and burns on a regular basis. California certainly has its problems, but lack of quality Hot Rods is not one of them. I am staying here.

Walt sent me some pictures from the Kernville run and I will show you some his favorites. Kernville is on the river and provides a nice weekend of relaxation and fishing if you are into that. I have never been, but maybe next year. Thanks Walt for the pictures.

I have received some pictures of a nice 46 Woody that is for sale if you are looking for one. This one was built by my friend Tom in Oregon. Chris Messano did the woodwork. Details tomorrow.

Stay Tooned.



Very nice 40 Ford Tudor on ebay. I am going to view on Thursday.


Bob’s 32 real deal hiboy with new steel wheels. Looks great, also has a potent 327 with a 4 speed and a QC. Yes!


We should see more full fendered roadsters as they really look good. Nah! This one was black, maroon and red steel wheels.


I have seen this car around. Very nicely done with lots of “Bling”.


Super 40 convert with a black on black combination. I don’t know the specs, but presume 350/350, nice inch, blah, blah!
I like these cars alot. Tim had the best one in cloud mist gray.


High end 40 sedan delivery with lots of modifications. This fellow stays at our hotel in P-Town each year. Top quality ride with matching trailer and bike. Very, Very straight black cherry paint.


You need a 3 window or two in case it rains or gets cold outside. This red example gets my vote.


Built in the eighties by Fat Jack with influence by Buttera, Sharon’s sedan has the look and is still perfect. Body has been shortened.



Her husband Bob has a Boyd built sedan that I really liked when I move to California. I had Boyd start a clone for me, but changed to a roadster when I found out the cost of the body conversion. $$$$ I will dig up some pictures for Friday’s feature.

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