Toppers Tuesday

I hope all of you had an exciting long weekend. This is the time when all of us need to be thinking about our Winter projects. I started to do a little work and planning on the 48 convertible as it has not moved in about a year. I removed all of the junk I had piled on top of the frame and started to write down my action plans. You need a plan to complete a car. More importantly you need to stick to the plan and not change your mind in the middle. Here is my plan:

1. TCI front suspension
2. TCI rear springs with 9 inch Ford rear end
3. 350/700R4 combo
4. Stock frame modified for the transmission clearance
5. F100 automatic column
6. Glide seat
7. Black with LB brown interior and square weave carpet.
8. Whitewall tires and steel wheels 6’s & 8’s – 215 and 255’s BFG tires.

The car will be stock appearing with a nice stance and “Super Paint”

Time frame 12 months Budget $40K or less.

The plan will start January 1, 2009.

Just a note for you Football fans. UCLA has a tremendous start against Tennessee and Kevin Craft did a great job in the second half after a terrible first half. Go Bruins!

Now for today’s cars.

Stay Tooned!



Chucks old Regency Red Hiboy with DuVall and Hardtop. Very nice car owned by Bay Area Roadster member.


Rear view showing Halibrand and rolled pan. Chuck can build the “LooK”.


John’s baby blue 3 window. John has a fleet of cars but drives this one a lot. Brizio built and bad to the bone.


I know big and ugly, but I like 4 door convertibles. This one was not my style but looked good in yellow.


29 phone booth at the hotel. Super black paint and detail with TCI chassis and QC cover on the 9 inch. For Sale but I never did ask how much. The car is from Atascadero, CA


Palmer’s history 32 with a recent restoration. Local P-Town car.


I like this rusty Tudor with a modern chassis. Killer stance and no detail on the body. Barn find cool.


Tom’s very fine 3 window. This is the car currently running the Vintage Air advertisement. You have to see this one in person to appreciate the workmanship and detail found in all of Tom’s cars.



Ray’s Red Hiboy with the 90’s look and Brizio detail and design.

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