Topper’s Tuesday

All our company has left and I have the house to myself. What will I do with all the peace and quiet I am used to? I am bidding on some parts that I really need for the convertible and finishing the top welding on the roadster…my kind of day. It is almost time to go to Toppers so I can finally have some pizza and enjoy the BS. Life is tough.

Many of my friends enjoy the 40 coupes and have sent me pictures. I too love 40 Fords of all models and will show you some today.

Have a look!

Stay Tooned!


[singlepic=1408] [singlepic=1409]

Tim’s 40 coupes at Hot August Nights in Reno. The Barcelona blue one is my favorite. Both cars are very traditional with dropped axles and SBC/auto combinations.


40 coupes at 40 Ford Day in LaPalma Park. Red has died out but some old ones still remain untouched from the 80’s.


A black 40 deluxe will always be in style. You must have the stance on a 40 or it is just a coupe.


Lou in Idaho has the 40’s. This is his latest green 40 coupe to go with his green delivery. Life is tough in Idaho.


This 40 Woody has the look and stance. This fellow builds one a year and always wins at Bakersfield.



For my friend now in Heaven a Track T he never finished. Ed probably has two of them by now. Enjoy life while you can.

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