Toppers Tuesday

It is beautiful in LA today, 75 degrees, the Sun is shining and the roadsters are out for sure. Today’s lunch discussion was about the upcoming roadster show and the 50 year celebration of the LA Roadster Club at the Petersen Museum Saturday night. Two of our lunch crowd are past members and were invited to attend. This should be a gala event for roadster lovers. Some old timers like Jack Stewart, Mr. Deuce, will be there as well as many others like Magoo.

Here are some roadsters for today.


Very nice Hiboy, Hemi, Divco, Auburn, QC


Brizio 33 Roadster, 350/350, IFS, 8 Inch, Sids Interior


SO-CAL, pre-war look, Chevy, 6 speed, QC … I like it a lot!

More Roadsters this week and maybe a few sedans and coupes for you “Chickens”!

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