Topper’s Tuesday

I painted all morning and the primer coat is finished on the garage doors. Now I am off to Toppers to hear the latest BS about cars. There was a big crowd today, several Deuce Roadster owners who always have a lot to offer. Donnie invited everyone to come over to his shop and see his many projects that are nearing completion. I went along and snapped some pictures of the projects.

I need some photos of your projects in your garage or your neighbors if you have any. Thanks!

Have a look.

Stay Tooned!



chopped 29 Tudor has potential.


40 Ford four door with Mll, 9 inch, TCI etc. Would make a nice car. For Sale at Dream Cars.


Very nice Rats Glass long door roadster. Mercedes Silver with red interior. Looks fantastic.


Good looking 327, camel hump heads, Vertex, 3 deuces. Right on!


Red interior just finished yesterday. Looks inviting. These cars are huge inside compared to a Deuce.


Donnie’s 34 Rats Glass 3 window with 502, 400 trans, 9 inch…can you say fast.



Retro 5 window with new chop and a nailhead.

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