Topper’s Tuesday

I watched the President, listened to the GM Chairman and decided today I should concentrate on the new 3 window body being produced by SAR in Portland. My friend Tom sent me some pictures of body number one which looks fantastic. I wish him all the success in the world. The body is being produced by Experi-Metal in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Many of you may recall the name as the first company to build a metal 32 Chevrolet body. GM worked with CSR to build the NSRA giveaway car with a complete Corvette suspension designed by Woody Gilmore. The car was a big hit and still exists today in Danville, California.

Brookville has made the investment in the 1932 Ford and I think has done well with the product line. The 33/34 Ford is not quite as popular, but is probably second in line and offers the rodder, who has to have Steel, a chance to own one at a fraction of the price being paid for original bodies. I hear Bob Drake is going to produce a 40 Ford. WOW, where is this going to end?

Money is tight, credit is hard to obtain, oil is reaching new heights in the world market and you and me are watching our investments dwindle away. It is hard to preserve cash in today’s economic climate. Here is a thought that Boyd used to tell me all the time. “You see that big safe over in the corner, I keep all my money in there and I don’t worry about the banks.”

Boyd, God rest his soul, had a lot of faults, but was a great risk taker who made and lost millions of dollars in his short life. He always knew his cash position daily.

I have all of my money in a coffee can buried somewhere, but I can remember the location.

Stay Tooned!


New 3 Window Coupe from SAR


Body number 1. Notice the firewall has already been set back on this one.


Rear view showing nice lines of the 3 window.


The important body reveals look crisp and sharp. Brookville has some problems with this feature on their body.


Interior picture showing wood and details of construction. Body will debut in Louisville later this month.


My favorite old 34 Hiboy at the PRC two years ago. Warren did a lot of work on this one and built the owner a real 3 window last year.


Same owner now has this “Retro” 3 window. Very nice craftsmanship on this one.



Joe Nitti’s roadster is a hard act to follow.

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