Topper’s Tuesday

Hot, Hot, Hot, today will bring all the A/C coupes and sedans to Toppers. No roadsters for the old guys who can hardly breathe on a cool day. California certainly is blessed with hot weather and fires this year. I just hope all of this ends real soon, but I know that is not the case. We have been put on notice three years in a row that we may have to evacuate the joint. My question is how do you leave your projects in the garage. The answer is to put them in the pool. I know this sounds crazy but I would do it rather than see them go up in smoke. I don’t have a Woody anymore so the cars would not get damaged. Lets hope we are spared this year.

Due to the hot weather I don’t have much to report on my projects so we will look at some coupes and sedans today.

Stay Cool!

Hot Weather Cars with Air Conditioning. Old men need A/C!



My old 40 sedan delivery. Roy put A/C in this one for sure.


Bauder’s 32 Panel has the cool unit with lots of space to take a nap.


A nice Deuce sedan would make a good go to lunch car for the Streetscene Magazine Staff.


40 tudor sedans make a great lunch or long distance cruiser. This is Steve’s ride for many years. Very photogenic, cover car, Eddie Martinez interior. Boy McCoy better step aside as this one gets the ink.


My friend Tom has a nice 39 Woody but no A/C….we would still take it to lunch.


Yeah, I know but you can leave these at home in hot weather. Pomona early in the morning.


Jalopy Journal photo of a very nice 40 coupe from MO. Super stance and Yosemtie Green.


One more 40 sedan, Cloud Mist Gray and sitting just right with steelies.


A nice Yellow, flamed Deuce sedan with A/C works for me.



SO-CAL Speed Shop 5 window with A/C. This is not Bob Everts from AZ. I think this one is from back East…. I like it.

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