Toppers Tuesday

The SO-CAL Open House was the place to be on Friday afternoon. Cars and people everywhere. The Who’s Who of Hot Rodding were in attendance. Thom Taylor, Barry Lobeck, Bruce Meyer, Bruce Kanepa, Robert Williams and many others were there for the show. I talked to people I haven’t seen since last year. The place was packed so taking pictures was difficult. My frineds and I had a wonderful time. We left about 7:00 pm and headed for the Old Mining Company for Dinner which was full of roadster lovers also. We left full of food, spirits and memories for another year.

Have a look.

Stay Tooned!



This is the starter kit for a SO-CAL roadster. $40 big ones.


Here is a fellow who finished the kit and drove it from Oregon to the show. Nice car.


My favorite, Ken Washburn’s very nice Lombard Blue hiboy. This is the one for me. Very nice man who showed me everything.


Mort’s 5 window in attendance. He also had his Mercury in front to the shop.


During your rest or dinner you could view the various products displayed around the tables. Nice touch.


SO-CAL is known for their metal work and this 34 sedan showed some very nice sheet metal work.


More of the same only in the front floor area. Some one is doing some great work.


Poteets, Rolling Bones coupe drove in and was and instant hit. More photos tomorrow.


The Rolling Bones roadster was also in attendance. These cars are crowd magnets wherever they go.



New coupe from Walden featuring chopped body, with a Jim Jacobs chassis. Pricey, but has the “Rolling Bones look with not so much “RAT” built in. I suspect they took orders. The body alone was $41,750 bare. Ouch!

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