Topper’s Tuesday

Toppers was quiet today. The Lakers need to win tonight to stay alive. Discussion centered around what are cars and parts going to bring at the Roadster Show this year. I think swap meets always bring out the deep pocket collectors and the “have to sell sellers”, so it should be a good year for all. My friend Gary is bringing some stuff down to sell and I am going to drag out my 40 parts as I have given up on a 40 for now.

Here are some more cars from the Road Kings show.

Have a look at some great cars.

Get off the couch and out in the garage.

Stay Tooned!



Nice 40 coupe, Cloud Mist Gray, Black plate, SBC, super straight.


Dave’s 34 Phaeton he purchased from Neal East years ago. Goes everywhere, across country or local cruise nights.


Myron’s old 47 built by Frantic Fred. This one got me started on Post War convertibles.


Another nice Folkstone gray 40 coupe. Local car, owner built in garage. Women love this car for its color and simplicity.


I am alone in my love for tubs, but 39 four door convertibles are one of my favorites. Gabe has two of them, both maroon.


Where it all started, a 26 T with a flathead. Driver was having fun when I last saw him on the street.



My friend Tom’s highly detailed Deuce he has owned since high school. He will be headed South tomorrow.

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