Topper’s Tuesday

Coupes, roadsters and sedans were the discussion topics today. The age group of the “lunch bunch” runs from the middle twenties to the middle seventies. Choices for a street rod varies all over the place, but in the minds of all, the roadster is still the king of cars and bragging rights. This has not changed for many years. Comfort and room are not as important as style and coolness. We can all picture ourself cruising down the highway in a roadster, but really would prefer a closed car with air if the truth were known. I suspect, ideally that a roadster and a coupe/sedan would be a perfect pair to have in your garage. Many of the Toppers crowd have both in their possession. Many of them have owned the cars for years which is a tribute to the owner for having the will to resist selling their babies. I was not that smart. I now have to make up my history of Roadsters, Coupes and Sedans.
Let’s look at some examples.

Stay Tooned!




Local new car made to look old. Brookville, SO-CAL 327, 4-speed, 9 inch, Auburn dash, etc…..


Potvin Cam roadster that John owns and maintains. Very nice restoration with upgrades for owner.


For those of you that like fenders here is ” I hate Old Cars” Deuce.



Lou’s very fine 5 window. Lou has a fleet of cars.


A 1936 3 window for the fat fendered lovers.


My first car was a 5 window so this is another favorite. No fenders, please!


Jan’s 5 window that her husband Jay built. Now on the East Coast. Too bad.



My sedan that got away years ago. Frank Brown found this beauty with a perfect body and chop.


Benny’s perfect 40 delivery.


Tudor with moon disc and super stance. High school Hot Rod.


The classic Cloud Mist Gray standard sedan should be the NSRA lunch car.



A 3 window with the Hot Rod look. 3 window Larry has one in this months Rod and Custom.

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