Toppers Tuesday

Today cars are from the PRC Reliability Run in Pasadena. This is my kind of event. Drive your car and enjoy it. You don’t need to explain anything. All cars drive the course and have a good time. I think about 80 cars are invited and the PRC prefers the pre 1954 look. The partipants are young and old. Great event.

The highlight of the day for me was Bruce Meyer bringing out the Spencer car for everyone to view. He drove this car to the event just as Doane did in the late 1940’s. This is the uno numero Deuce for me. I have included a picture from my friend John who actually sat in the car in the 70’s when Neal East was the caretaker. He looks happy to me. John has loved this car forever and rightly so.

Here are some pictures.

Stay Tooned!



Banner at starting line. Time 6:30 AM


My friend Frank his buddy are always first in line. The Phaeton used to belong to Bob Drake in 1964 when he was in Canoga Park, CA. Super nice car which he sold in 1966 for $2,000. Why have Phaetons fallen off the want list?


Don’s beautiful executed 33 hiboy racer complete with all goodies. Don puts them together perfectly in my mind.


My friend from Canada sitting in Neal’s driveway in the 70’s. He sure looks happy. Little did he know how famous this car would


Bruce Meyer brought the real deal out for everyone to view. Immediately a crowd surrounded the car, myself included. Bruce has all the Deuces I love.


Another legend in cars, John brought this oldie from his stable and it has the look everyone wants today. His is original, lacquer checking and all.


Dave who I have known since my Detroit days is still driving the T bucket with the Ardun. Keep it up.


Pat Ganahl always shows up in his real deal Deuce with the Cadillac, Auburn Dash and painted hood. Joe Nitti purple?



Spectator this year, but 34 roadster owner drove his new Warren Boughn built 34 hiboy with 37 Ford truck grille. The chop is perfect inside and out. Warren can weld with the best of them.

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