Topper’s Tuesday

Cooler today and a perfect time to go pick up some parts in the Valley. My friend Bob has a nice trailer and offered to let me use it and go along to lift any heavy objects. What a great friend. Coffee was needed, but the traffic said keep going, which we did and arrived at the house to pick up the parts. Neighbors must love people like me who put parts in the driveway for pickup. Sometimes for a day or two. Thanks to Bob the job was a short one and we headed for Toppers to the BS session. Big turnout today, great weather, but no roadsters.

The discussion centered around installing a dropped axle or a Mustang II. I am not sure what I will do as of now but the opinions leaned toward the Mustang II. A lot more work but probably worth the effort for long distance driving. My last convert was a dropped axle and it rode good but the stock steering was poor. I guess one could install a 605 power steering and solve the problem. I will call Fat Jack the expert on a Fat chassis and see what he recommends….more later.

I also picked up another 57 Ford 9 inch Station Wagon rear end for the convert. I have found two of these in recent weeks. They are a little narrow for a 46-48 but with 255×70 tire and a 3 3/4 backspace wheel, they work perfect. This allows you to remove the tire easily. See Friday’s Tech this week.

Here are some pictures for you to view.

Stay Tooned!



Dick and his wife in their 57 Gull Wing….must be nice. He also has a super 40 convert.


Hot 327 in 40 coupe. Very nice detail, camel hump heads, fenderwell headers, etc. Sounded like a race car.


40 Ford PU with 6 two barrels. Thirsty! $4.00 a gallon.


40 coupe with nice looking flathead motor. They grow on you until you own one.


Simi Valley is a beautiful place. This is from my truck with the A/C on not my roadster. Ha!


Local 3 window at DA Rod Shop for a little work. Real Henry car.



46 Convert from the Bay Area. Perfect in my garage.

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