Topper’s Tuesday

Up early today and off to the hospital for my preregistration tests. Why is it they always need more blood? I always get a Scone and a cup of coffee at the hospital. I am such a frequent visitor I know the coffee lady, Choy, by name. I was done early so I headed for Toppers for lunch. The lunch crowd talked about the high cost of paint jobs and the “body shop jail” our cars seem to go into. Most agreed that you need to really be selective where you take you car to be painted and you need at least $10 – $15K to be safe….no body work included. Remember Centari at $40 a gallon….times have changed as well as air quality standards. Are we better off? You be the judge!

Did you know that Memphis LOST to Kansas. UCLA would have won.

Here are some more photos from the weekend.

Stay Tooned!



Local upholstery Guru, Alan with his Super Deuce. Strecthed two inches in the doors. Very nice car.


Alan’s handiwork, about $12K or so. I think the seat must run about $9K. Goes with the paint prices today.


This was a new Deuce 5 window for our area. British Racing Green and lots of machined billet. The owner was a machinist. Very unique hood opening device, Kugel suspension front and rear.


Interior of above coupe. Very nice color for the BRG outside.


DA Rod Shop is working on a 51 Woody. This one is without wood. Don’t you love California rust free cars.


The 1951’s had a metal tailgate that was woodgrained. The 1949’s were made of wood.


My friend George, of red 40 Ford coupe fame, had his super straight and black 55 two door post on display. This one belongs in my garage. George only has the best.


Photos from


My old sedan at Del Mar. This one got away for a Boyd roadster in 1988. Mistake on my part.


Hiboy sedan is now my desire.

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