Toppers Tuesday

My number one son’s wedding is over and he is happy with his new bride. Palm Springs was wonderful and cars were everywhere. Saturday morning there was a Cobra Club meeting in Palm Desert and 20 or so Cobra’s were available for viewing. I only saw two hot rods, a red 40 coupe and a slick 36 Woody. I hope to get back to normal this week and will be working on the roadster.

LA is very cold for this time of year and I hope it warms up soon. Palm Springs was very warm and I can see why old people like the area. In a couple of months it will be too hot to live there, so Simi Valley will do for now.

Today,we will look at some 40 Ford sedan delivery’s that have come up for sale or just sold as well as some other favorites.

Stay Tooned.



Local car that had a very bad accident, but driver was O.K. Jalopy Journal photo.


41 delivery on ebay for sale in Oregon. Lots of work, but solid.


Perfect rear door from same car.


40 delivery in Ohio…more work than you can afford.


Lou’s very nice 41 awaiting delivery to Santa Barbara…Glen has another one.


Lou’s delivery back home in Santa Barbara. No more snow for this one. Lee built this one in 1970’s and was on the car of Hot Rod in 1975.


Nice QC in Poteet’s new coupe by Rolling Bones. I love this look!



Cloud Mist Gray Sedan. This color is the best on a 40….too many black ones.

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