Topper’s Tuesday

Very busy day. The wedding is upon us and I am trying to get the hood to fit on my roadster. This is not a one man job on a 33 Ford. I just positioned it on the radiator braces and will wait for my son to come home tomorrow. He loves to help me.

Toppers was really crowded today and we talked Politics instead of cars. The rules are that the luncheon is for car talk only. Right! I mentioned that the weather in LA is super this time of year and that everyone should drive their roadsters everyday. Keeping them in the garage at our age is not smart. We also discussed the Chevy 290 HP crate motor and how poor the performance and gas mileage is on that engine. Donnie put one in a very nice 40 tudor and it is getting only 8 mpg after a tuneup on a dyno. The conclusion was that a ZZ4 is a better way to go. I may take mine back and exchange it.

Let’s look at some cars.

No more until next week.

Stay Tooned!



Glen in Santa Barbara purchased Lou’s very nice 41 delivery. I can go see it now.


Nice 34 tudor for sale. I can’t recall who sent me this, but it sure looks solid.


Pinkees Rod Shop Hemi-Tudor. Can you say detailed?


My friends 34 Hiboy roadster that he purchased from Don Thelan years ago. He drives this everywhere.



Simple life, a 40 tudor, perfect for a dropped axle and Chevy.

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