Topper’s Tuesday

My back won the war yesterday and the doctor said don’t give up but we can’t help you. That is just what I wanted hear. So much for the doctors and making your back better. Today was a huge day at Toppers, standing room only. Bobo was having trouble getting the brakes to work on his 40 pickup. It seems that the new Columbia Overdrive works well, but the brakes don’t. After 20 expert opinions he left to bleed the brakes properly. I complained about doctors and we all agreed they are still necessary at any age.

Now for car talk. I photographed my neighbor’s garage this weekend as well as mine. Somehow the picture of my garage never changes and his is always changing. So is life. Projects have always been my thing. I purchase a car and start looking for another one. Pretty soon, no space, no progress and no money left in the car account. Sounds similar to my back problem, one doctor after another and no money left in the doctor account.

Lets look at some car pictutes.

Stay Tooned!



Neighbor’s garage. Always filled with done cars. 48 convert and 41 sedan delivery. Both perfect.


Front view of the pair. Lovely couple as my friend Ed used to say.


My garage. The view has not changed in 4 years. Get out in the garage and get to work.


Nice profile of a 3 window hiboy. See Jalopy Journal….3 window


Rear end picture showing QC and stock gas tank. Yes!


Bob’s for sale 40 convert project. A little overpriced at $60K, but as we used to say in the car business…there is and ass for every seat. I wish mine was sitting in this one. See ebay for details. Bob builds a very nice 40. He has built many over the years. Excellent paint…Cloud Mist Gray



Bruce has built another special roadster with the right look. See Jalopy Journal for details. The color is what I like. Indy wheels tell you it is a high dollar construction of an original deuce.

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