Toppers Tuesday

Our normal attendance at Toppers has diminished due to the attrition of several members. Age sometimes requires a stimulus to rekindle the flame like a nice sunny day and call from your buddy asking if you are going to lunch today. Routines can be monotonous and boring so my wife and I thought we would spend Memorial Day driving a new route for the “Roadster Boys”. We were able to keep it close to home, yet as exciting as the Santa Monica Mountains can be. Malibu attracts huge amounts of people on a holiday and today was extremely crowded by noon. We mapped out several mountain roads with lots of beautiful scenery and winding roads. Our group likes to take the back roads and not the freeways. Roadsters are short wheelbases and can turn on a dime — sometimes too quick. Our final destination was a wonderful restaurant overlooking the pacific ocean which should please all of our group. The whole trip took up the morning which was just perfect as the fog lifted and the sun became our focus once again. Jane and I will see what the group thinks about a trip through the rugged back roads of Malibu in their roadsters. We won’t get our $5.00 special in Malibu like we do in Summerland, but we will save on gas. Retirees have a thing about spending money, but the trip is for a great cause — self preservation.

Now, back to Toppers and motivation for making the effort for our Toppers Tuesday meeting. If I send a blanket message to the group about our secret trip I am sure to get their attention and keep them off the couch. If I also make a phone call and invite them personally they seem to respond. I know this seems like a lot of effort for someone to drive attendance, but I enjoy the challenge. My reward is the satisfaction at the end of the day seeing all the smiles on their faces and sun burned foreheads and arms — true roadster lovers.

Remember, if the attrition rate of your group has become a problem then you can become a leader and bring it back to life. We can’t let our passion fade due to the lack of inspiration and fortitude. You can make it happened. Try it!

Stay Tooned!


Now, this is what I am talking about. Roadster drivers enjoying the day driving their cars and having a good time. The Bay Area Roadsters and California Roadsters having their annual get-together on the coast sure looks like a good time to me. Photos from Facebook.

Lunch looks pretty fancy to me. They may serve some libations for those with a thirst.

Roadster lovers also like to eat and relax during their ventures. Looks a little cool but comfortable. What a life!

I love the 34 roadster watching over the group to make sure they behave themselves which they all did.

If you can’t have a roadster to drive on the trip maybe they would let you drive your Deuce woody. Bruce’s Rod Shop restoration.

Duane is working on Doug’s Deuce sedan and has the stance dialed in substantially lower than it set prior to surgery. Fat Jack would love this one.

Sometimes our trips get involved in some heavy traffic and light rain but we always manage to have a memorable event.

I will be back at the Kennedy Boys this week to see how they are progressing on this mint 36 three window.

Recognize this group of guys? The Corvette is my 1959 in front of our fraternity house.  Grades were not important but having a cool ride was. White socks were in at the time.

 Toppers Black Tuesday!

Several of us like Black 40’s and we pick one Tuesday to drive them which makes the owners happy. Reserved parking near the dumpster.

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