Toppers Tuesday

My trip to P-Town was a good one. I drove up on Thursday morning and arrived before noon at the Host hotel which was filled with lots of hot rods, muscle cars and various types of modified vehicles. Arriving early allows lots of time to talk to the owners and look at cars without all the heavy crowds of the fairgrounds. I was able to meet a lot of new folks and see many of my old friends who were wondering the parking lot and hotel facility. I love seeing the cars and people enjoying themselves doing what they love. The quality of cars at this event is continuing to improve each year with many high end cars in attendance seeking recognition for their efforts. I found myself in awe over the craftsmanship that goes into these cars, not to mention the dollars involved to execute the plan. While I am a die hard old Ford lover, the Camaros, Chevelles, Mustangs and Tri-five Chevrolets were wonderful to view and admire the modified design the owners had incorporated into their build. The builders were in many cases very young and very talented especially in the area of sheet metal work and detail under the hood and interiors. These builders will keep the fire burning in the hobby for many years to come. I no longer expect to see an abundance of old Fords being built as the demographics has changed along with the landscape. Goodguys have changed their business model and keep the momentum going in the modified car industry. Vendors have also changed to meet the demand of the younger generation. Chassis displays no longer include Deuce chassis but rather feature late model chassis with high technology incorporated into the design. I still enjoy looking at the engineering that is involved to make these cars ride and handle better than the original design. You can still find a dropped axle in the SO-CAL booth if you need one and I hope that trend continues for a few more years.

I spent three great days at the show and walked my legs off but it was worth the effort. The long drive home allowed plenty of time for planning my next project incorporating many of the ideas I captured in my brain and camera. In the past, I have always enjoyed looking under the car more than on top but these days I enjoy the overall concept as viewed from the upright position if you know what I mean.


Stay Tooned!


The first car that I photographed was this 37 hiboy which had broke down in the street and was pushed into the parking lot. I was intrigued by the workmanship and the owner spent time showing me his build book. The flathead had a distributor problem which was finally solved by installing a new Mallory from H&H. More on this one later as the metal work was flawless.

Terry’s old sedan was parked in the back lot and I met the new owner who likes Deuce sedans like I do.

One of the nicest shoeboxes and the show was this pearl yellow coupe. The Hilton had a back lot for parking while you registered for the event.

I am drawn to this style of roadster. I guess it is because I have always felt these cars started it all.

A classic rear view of the roadster showing the 39 tail lights, Model A spring and Halibrand spinning the dirt trackers.

Walsh Restorations built this 36 with a BBC and the car set the bar very high for 36 phaetons. Sid’s green interior was adventurous at the time.

I loved this 46 rag from BC and spent lots of time looking at the details. Perfect black body with maroon interior and subtle woodgraining. Hotel parking lot looking is a great past time of mine.

Dave had Poteet’s new 34 coupe in the parking lot at the Host hotel. He is a master at detail and does it all except the upholstery. The photo doesn’t do the color justice but it really pops when you see the car in person. He won several awards, one being the Jim Ewing award. The gaps were perfect and the stance was pure hot rod.

One of the first to park in the Deuce Doings section was this fresh green beauty. Lots of trick stuff and an early build style with modern upgrades with today’s technology.

Today’s Five Windows!

Long time car racer, Rich, had his 5 window at P-Town. He had driven this one across the country many times.

Another racer, Cliff, had his fresh Brizio built 5 window in the parking lot. This slightly channelled coupe has the cartoon look that Dave High does so well.

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