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I hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and are ready for the big Roadster Show month which starts June 1. I have heard from many of you who are planning on driving a considerable distance in your roadster to arrive at the show. Preparation for these long trips starts way ahead of the departure date so it is now time to make sure that, the love of your life, will make it to and from the show without any major problems. Drivers without tops expect rain and those with a top expect to get a little wet. Back seat passengers in the phaetons can expect to get both wet and cold but hey, that’s what makes the trip memorable. Walt and I can relate to snow, ice and cold weather on our venture to Colorado in January, but this is June, which should be a piece of cake. I received a message from a LAR member that this year they will bring back the spectator parking and entrance through gate 15 which means you won’t have to walk the long distance through the show to get to the swap meet. You can pull in where the preferred parking area is located and park in the outside parking lot. This is the way it was in years past. Thanks LAR members for making this change.

Jane and I drove Pepe over to Malibu this weekend and cruised PCH. We visited Westward Beach and ran into the Cobra Club who were also cruising to the restaurant located at the end of the beach. I have never seen so many “real” Cobras in one place. We pulled over and watched them go by. I didn’t see John, but I know he must have been driving one of his cars. PCH was full of exotic cars, all with a heavy right foot. Unfortunately, the black and whites were out in full force and some of the folks are a little lighter in the wallet…”but officer it is Memorial Day and my accelerator stuck.” Pepe kept a low profile but was wanting to take on a yellow Porsche on the way home through a straight stretch in the Santa Monica Mountains. The EFI was really working well this weekend which means the self tuning, as advertised, must be working. I spent Monday fitting the hood to Andre so he can travel safely back to Tennessee.

I would like to thank Steve and Lou for sending in the photos of Neal’s Run on the Central Coast this past weekend. This is the 12th year for the event which sure looks like a great time with a true hot rod family.

Have a good week.

Stay Tooned!


One of the stops along the way was this long closed garage which overlooks the Pacific Ocean and provides a nice photo opportunity for the group. Where is the woody?

Neal’s cherry four door has a hopped up Deuce motor and looks right at home in the mildly hot rodded Deuce.

Neal does some nice work and builds some unique rides.

Glenn shot some photos from the front seat of his sedan delivery while going through the beautiful Central Coast scenery on the way to the ocean.

This is the scene our roadster boys long for when we head up the coast. Speed up Glenn they will lose you.

Glenn drove his flathead powered 41 delivery about 400 miles along some of California’s most scenic landscape. Lou had this one for several years and I researched the car back to the original builder who is still alive. The car was on the cover of Hot Rod many years ago and came from Sun Valley, CA.

Glenn felt this was one of the nicest 40 pickups he has seen in a long time.

This delivery owner solved the rear blind spot by installing a rear view back up camera like the new cars have. Great idea! These are a rare sight on the West Coast.

I didn’t see any woody photos for the weekend so I found this one on HRHL. My wife loves this Barcelona Blue, Monsanto perfect wood and a late model drivetrain. I don’t know why it is for sale as I thought it was just finished. You need to see the wood on this one. Could that be a 40 pickup parked next to the woody?

Note automotive designer, Larry Erickson, has a super Deuce sedan. Gary from Cornhusker, you should do the cherry pie you have like this one and forget the 5 window….or do both. I know you like the all black look and so do I.

Reader’s Rides

Rich has just finished his DD and was driving it around to the car shows a couple of weeks ago. He added a lot of unique items to the build and combined some new and old ideas which look good together. The color is a Porsche greenish paint which contrasts nicely with the brown top. Nice job Rich!

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