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I have been under the weather for a few days and have not been able to write my blog. It seems impossible that I have written almost 1000 blogs about my favorite subject – Hot Rods. My efforts started after I retired and was looking for some way to contribute to the hobby. I started by scanning photos and sending them via email to my friends. I focused on that method for a year or so and my son suggested I set up a website which he would design and host. I was not in favor of a full time job but I did like the idea of a website of my own. Over the years I have varied the timing of the posts from daily to three times a week currently. Each post requires writing about 300 – 500 words ( when I am on the preacher’s pulpit) plus 10-12 photos. I can normally accomplish in about an hour or so. Photos are the hardest to sort out as I have over 50,000 photos in iPhoto. I do depend on my viewers for a great many photos as I don’t attend as many events as I used to. Keep them coming.

I love your comments and suggestions for articles. I try to write about my life and how I am still enjoying the hobby at 73 years old. If I miss a few days, I hope you will forgive me but sometimes I just can’t sit for long periods of time at the keyboard.

I did make it to Toppers today and we had some great conversation about our hobby, upcoming events and electrical Bob’s new “Retro” 37 truck. Bob likes to build them and move on to the next one. I didn’t have my camera today but I promise you some photos of his shop truck built on a budget.

Stay Tooned!


Don has a wonderful Cotton Worksman built, Ardun head equipped, 59L block, flatmotor for sale. The cost is more than buying a Deuce but when you have the deep pockets and want the best this may be for you. You can contact him a Monterey Speed and Sport for information.

If Cotton builds an Ardun engine it will run with the best of them. The large S.C.O.T. blower is a big advantage on the engine and looks cool.

If you like mint old Fords then this one is for you. See HRHL for details. They don’t come much nicer than this one. The price is $60K.

I have owned many Halibrands and really love the looks and sound in a hiboy roadster. (not a coupe) Note the unique rear crossmember which avoids the big hump in the rear of the small Deuce trunk area. The triangulated four bar also opens up the room for the exhaust system and they work very well. Bob-O has this set up in his coupe and if really works smoothly.

Phil sent in some photos from Roy’s. His shop party is May 11th and I plan to be there. He keeps building some really great hot rods that are driven and show winners. It is kind of nice to see a resto-rod coupe for a change. This one may be in for a tune up.

I love the color on this restored Vicky. These are a rare sight today.

I am guessing that this is the Edelbrock 75th Anniversary car that Roy is building. This would be one of the new UP bodies that they chopped. I just watched American Graffiti last night. Maybe Red will make a comeback.

Now I now why I have a bad back. I hope this fellow keeps his muscles in shape. The Ford engine is detailed as only Roy’s Boy’s can do. I will take a red one also.

The 37 woody is a rare bird. I can’t decide if I like the woody sides on this model versus the 40. I think I prefer the 40 style if a hot rod is being built.

It may not be an Ardun but this little flat motor sure caught my eye.

Toppers Roadsters!

Bob-O and Don are regulars at the Tuesday luncheon. We also have a lot of 40 Fords but they are not allowed to park with the roadsters as they have roll up windows. (ha!) We may be losing Don to the Phoenix area soon. We will miss him.

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  1. Hey Lynn, what a trip hearing Cotton Worksman’s name regards Ardun. I met Cotton in Peoria when I represented MSRA working with R & C magazine, Stroker, Tex and Bud Bryan. Cotton drove in to our first ever street rod nationals from Chicago. NSRA was formed just after but took claim to Peoria as # 1. Fact is, the first real nationals of sorts was in Madison, WI in 68 or 69? Anyhow, I met Cotton’s son on the HAMB when discussing the Nationals history. He wrote me and said, “you must know my dad Cotton”. Of course in MN we all knew him of a legend back in the day as he always came to the Nats when they were in St. Paul. Oh yea, this was all before the so called NEW NORMAL crap we put up with today. We all agree that this hobby keeps us older dudes sane.

  2. Really miss it when you go a long time between updates. Always something new from your stash if hotrod history.

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