Toppers Tuesday

I guess the good news for today is that a 1940 Ford Coupe won the Ridler Award this past weekend in Detroit. Ron and Deb Cizek’s little 40 showed them all what Henry has known all along…A Forty Coupe is hard to beat. The Great Eight had some top notch creations as they always do but this time the little coupe took home the big one. This has been a good year for the early Fords in car shows. Lets keep the trend going. Congratulations to the winner of this prestigious award.

Yes, a 40 coupe can win and Ron and Deb showed the judges how it’s done. Congratulations!

Our lunch conversation revolved around the upcoming Hot Rod 65th anniversary show at the end of the month. (March 23-24) I think most of our group are planning on attending on Saturday and Dave is putting his roadster in the show as a former feature car. The advertisement states they have over 300 past feature cars signed up. I think it will be exciting to see how many we can recall as we walk through the buildings. Pomona is the place to be in 2013.

Jim Ingelse built this car and it finally reached Dave’s garage a few years ago. This is a photo at Toppers with the other Dave looking it over.

I think this one was a feature project car but I never did see the final product. I like it.

This classic 5 window has been in all the books and is one of my favorites.

Scott’s beautiful 33 tudor was a recent feature in SRM. You need to look at the one close up as it is very well built car.

Boyd built this beauty a few years ago and I remember seeing the car in one of the Petersen publications. I have not seen the car in many years.

Jake has had his panel in all the magazines. The car looks brand new and he drives it everywhere.

I know a few of Bruce’s car will be in the show. He has all the history cars you could ever want.

This one was in some magazine but I can’t recall which one. Can you? They don’t come much better than this in my book.

I know both of these recent cars have been featured either as a tech article or full feature. Can you name the owners?

Today’s Hopeful to be in the show.

Doing what Pete likes to do….smoke the tires on the drag strip. The clone is almost finished. See the HAMB for details.

Here is smiling Rick with the freshly stripped body ready for Pete’s chop job.

This sedan is pure Hot Rod and is still a star in most Deuce lovers book. Top 75.

Here is a photo after the chop. Rick has been busy painting orange paint and Pete is putting on the exhaust system. She will make the anniversary show.

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