Toppers Tuesday

We finally had some decent weather today and the turnout at Toppers was good. Bob-O drove his roadster to show us his newly adjusted tri-power set up that solved his smoking problem. He now has the looks without the performance of the three two’s but it doesn’t smoke when you hit the gas. He diagnosed the problem as leaky fuel into the unhooked 97’s. What we won’t go through to achieve the looks on our hot rods. We all have our loves but three two’s was never one of mine. I tried them in the 60’s and soon switched to a single four or dual Corvette 4’s. They work better and looked just as correct to me. If you have not priced a set of Corvette dual fours with the correct carburetors then be prepared for sticker shock. It is not uncommon for an unrestored set to sell for $2500 – $3000 at swap meets. Edelbrock offers a cheaper set up but then it wouldn’t be vintage would it. I think the flathead crowd who have switched to the SBC still think they are adding 97’s to their flatheads. Bob-O has a 4 carb manifold if he could figure out the linkage. How about a log manifold with 6 97’s? No thanks.

We decided to attend the NHRA Museum Twilight Cruise tomorrow and bring a toy for the kids. This is the last meet for the season and the weather is not to bad so it should be a fun afternoon. I will follow Bob-O to see if the little 327 pumps out any black smoke when he hits the gas. I thought that was normal.

The 40 woody project is now in the hands of a friend who has big plans to build his dream woody. I will keep you informed of his progress of one of Fords best woodies. I would also like to thank my friend Gary and George for locating the woody. Gary is nursing his surgically repaired knee cap and should be up and running again real soon. Hang in there Gary and stay focused on the GNRS and the Woody show.

Stay Tooned!


The hood hides the 3-2’s but you can see how they add to the look Bob-O loves.

Bob-O’s 29 roadster had a hot 327 with the same 3-2’s  set-up. The motor had a real high lift cam that shook the whole car when idling.

Bob also has a spare just in case his new 40 sedan needs an update. Have you priced the new 97’s? WOW…hello 4-barrel carbs.

If you want a real early look how about a 1957 FI unit. These are real pricey today.

The crate 1965 FI unit was the way to go in the 60’s. These are also very expensive today. I used to carry an extra cable as they were prone to break often.

The Dodge Hemi looks good with 3-2’s also. The 40 Ford loves all kinds of engines even a stock flathead which replaced this motor.

If you prefer the Deuce with the Hemi and 3-2’s then you should like this one.

If you want a little more for your money add a 4th carb on your Deuce Hemi engine.

This little 327 has all the right parts to make it a looker. The generator is bulky looking but fits the build style.

I much prefer this set up for performance and looks. Is the SBC still King? I think so.

Today’s Super Coupe!

Similar to the 3 window the 5 window offers an alternative look for the salt. The motor is an Ardun head, aluminum block, flat motor. Rudy can do some great chops on all cars. He has the eye for what looks correct. See the build on the HAMB.


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