Toppers Tuesday

As the song goes,”I left my heart in San Francisco,” I too have always been in love with the city by the bay. My wife and I spent 5 days with our children/grandchildren and thousands of hot rods. I don’t think it can get much better than that. I had not been to the GG’s event in three years and I am glad that I made the effort to go to the fairgrounds in P-Town.

While the landscape has changed concerning the pre-48 cars,the quality of all cars is at an all time high. The number of 50-70’s style cars greatly outnumber the early Fords. The exception was the high number of 32 Fords present on Saturday for the Deuce show. I am guessing there were close to 250 Deuces in attendance on the grass. I walked both days and did not see all of the cars I would have liked to see. Fortunately, I enjoy looking at all kinds of cars and I certainly had the opportunity at the GG’s show.

I would also like to thank all of you who came up and introduced yourself as follower’s of my blog, PewsPlace. I appreciated all the nice comments and I will try to keep it going for as long as I can. I especially would like to thank Richard (CMG 40 coupe) and Gene (CMG Deuce hiboy) for helping me understand the different shades of CMG. I have my color pallet in place and will tint my selection to make it a little darker than my sample.

The trip home was not as boring as the normal I-5 journey usually is due to dreaming of all the nice people and cars we saw at the event. Forget that you prefer pre-48 cars and put this show on your bucket list. I guarantee you will enjoy yourself and see some cars that are very, very nice, many of which are early Fords.

Stay Tooned,

Roy had just finished this 40 pickup for a longtime customer in Idaho. The color was outstanding as was the entire truck. If I could fit in one of these I would own one.

I followed this 48 convert from BC to our hotel where he was staying. I love these fat Fords.

Here is a better view of the car. He never put the top up the entire weekend and it was hot in P-town.

Three windows were everywhere you looked and they were all the real deal from Henry. I stayed on the grass as much as I could rather than the blacktop.

Parked in the shade these roadsters kept me occupied for a long time especially the CMG one of Gene’s from Fairfield. He has built 4 roadsters over the past few years.

Gene built this beauty with a stage 111 from Roy and he finished it using super detail and excellent fit and finish.

Richard had the CMG 40 at the end of the roadsters so I could compare the colors. They were a slightly different shade but very close to what I would like for Andre. Richard calls his coupe Misty and I think Andre might like her.

Dave drove his just updated 40 coupe to the show and it looked great. Tom did the conversion from stock to hot rod and the coupe is now a reacher.

Don builds some really nice woodies starting with just a cowl and uses wood from MIke Nickels in Michigan to finish them. Again I think this is another version of CMG.
Today’s Woody!

Here is another one of Don’s creations (I think). The color was really a nice contrast against the blond wood.

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