Toppers Tuesday

The big holiday weekend is over and it is time to start thinking about summer and the fun we can have in our hot rods. I spent the entire weekend painting small parts and the front axle. Everything went fine until I ran out of DT thinner which is no longer available locally. I thought I might use a cheaper version from Lowes but everything I read said “don’t do it” so I quit today and worked in the yard with my wife. Sometimes progress is slower than others.

I always look at ebay everyday and this weekend a very nice CMG 40 sedan delivery showed up that would save me a lot of work but I am sure it is very expensive. My point is sometimes you can locate a car that is 95% right for you and you can have instant gratification rather than labor for several years to achieve your dream ride. This builder did his homework and built a delivery that could be driven anywhere. I will watch to see if it is affordable.

For those of you who are planning on attending the LARS this year you should know that early arrivals can attend some nice shows prior to the actual show. The Road Kings show held on June 10 at Johnny Carson Park in Burbank is always a fun event to attend. Lots of cars to suite everyones taste. I will be there with Ruby so look me up. I will try to provide an update on any activities that are going on prior to the LARS all during the month of June.

Stay Tooned!


Cory has sent his super roadster out to Sids Upholstery from to Detroit to have the interior and top done by one of the best in the country. See the HAMB for a full build feature on this perfect roadster.

Heavy chop makes this one different from most hiboys you see. Sid has the eye as does Cory.

Note the seat has sides like a coupe seat. Sid slid the seat back under the deck former to add a couple more inches of leg room. I love the simple design which fits the understated all black build style.

Steve went on the 11th Neal’s Hot Rod run and sent in some nice photos. The first two cars are all I need for my collection. The 5 window and 40 coupe really are two of my favorites. Halibrands and steelies are also all you need save for a set of 5 spokes.

I seem to gravitate toward 40 pickups that are simple in design and this one fits the bill. How about that color… Nice!

No run would be complete without some nice roadsters to make the run more fun. Looks like 30 and 29 model hiboys.

Roadster pickups seem to be the rage these days. Primer is O.K. as are the ET III’s and 5 spokes.

Steve’s favorite was this 1940 Ford standard coupe with a Buick Nailhead.

I know Brian will like this photo as he is installing the same set up in his 40 standard. I bet the steering gear is close to the header on this installation.

Personally, I like Lou’s Red Ram in his 40 coupe. He states that the November 1959 Hot Rod has a full article on the installation. Lou knows his hot rods.

Steve had his highly photographed sedan in attendance and captured this nice photo of his dream coupe and long time sedan driver in one shot. Black plates add character to a 40.

Today’s Favorite!

Here is a delivery that sold recently for a decent price and had everything to make it a great driver. Halibrands look good on these cars, especially black cars. I will run steel wheels but I have my eye out for a set of Real Wheels.

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