Toppers Tuesday

I spent the morning working on building another jig for Andre’s body. I find that having the body secure on a sturdy dolly makes the repair and moving process go much faster without having to worry about the body falling off jack stands or temporary supports. I let my last jig go with my deuce chassis so I decided to build another one. I have all the material so I started cutting and welding today. I quite in time to go to Toppers where we talked about finding Bob-O a 39 Ford 4 door convertible sedan. I had found him one but it sold so I came up with another one that he is pursuing. I too, like the rare convertible sedan and have located several of them over the past few 10 years. I hope we find one soon as he is in the market for his long talked about tub. He buddy Bruce and John both have tubs and I think he wants to join the crowd. The Deuce rush is over for the year and we are liking the fat fendered cars more and more. (age has its drawbacks)

Goodguys is this weekend in Del Mar and the traveling roadshow is headed down this way tomorrow. I know Steve and his crowd are going to meet up with them for some tours on the coast. I plan to see if I can catch them somewhere along the line. The season is in full swing and I don’t want to miss much but I need to stay focused on Andre or I will not reach my goal.

It is late for me so until then..

Stay Tooned!


My long time friend Tom has finally finished his dream truck and displayed it in a car show. Tom is tall and had to extend the cab and chassis to make room for those long legs of his. I personally think he did a great job of keeping the proportions is the same perspective as Henry would have.

The color looks good on the truck and the stance is perfect. Hemi powered, 5 speed and 9 inch rear make this a true hauler. Nice work Tom.

The interior is very nice with a 51 Ford dash and leather seating. He loves the 39 banjo wheel as I do. He even had one on his 40 convert.

I don’t think I will ever find a 33 roadster I could afford but if I did I would seek this one to clone. Note top fasteners in body.

I have known this car for many years and bid on it several times but was unsuccessful. It is on ebay again and I love it. Only the best worked on this beauty. Roy handled the re-do and it looks it. A buy it now for $59K puts it way out of my class.

I am not normally a 50’s fan but this one is O.K. by me. I would change to a transverse spring but I could live with everything else. I am sure someone will step up to this nice hiboy sedan.

The motor is right on the money for the look save the alternator. Lots of thought went into this one which is standard for Roy’s shop.

Do these guys look like they are working hard at the show? Gary (L) and George (R) are long time Bay Area rodder’s and home builders with lots of talent.

For those of you keeping the stock K-member in your Deuce and don’t want to pay the $300 for an original set of pedals, I offer you these reproduction set for a fraction of the price.

I broke my old National Detroit DA sander and my body shop buddy Andy told me to purchase a Daynabrade palm sander as a replacement. They are pricey but are really light weight and easy to use.

Today’s Favorite!

The 39 with a 40 nose looks really good also. Ford made 6 like this for the Worlds Fair in NY. Is this true? I see this car at P-Town every year and spend some time looking it over. A very nice ride.

Bruce has been working on his for several years and this was in the early stages. John chopped the top and peaked the hood for him.


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