Toppers Tuesday

I think it is Murphy’s law that states ” when you are making progress in your work, one of your tools will need repair”. That is exactly what happened to me today while welding. I was welding some more holes when I felt my shop apron was getting wet. I know I am old but I don’t have that problem yet. TIG welders have three hoses that connect to the torch head. The water inlet hose was leaking at the little wire fastener that holds the rubber hose tight against the copper tube. I have replaced the hose a couple of times but this time I just shortened the hose and so far it is working great.

I repaired the hose after my visit to Toppers where the conversation centered on going to the LSR in Austin, TX. I would love to go but that distance is way beyond my capabilities in a new Escalade let alone a chopped 34 phaeton. I tried to sit in the car for a while after lunch and it is comfortable but the seat would have to be pushed back about 3-4 inches in order for me to be comfortable. Dave has put over 150,000 miles on his phaeton since he purchased it in the 60’s. He is a true hot rodder and drives reacher’s to events all over the states. I know those who are going will have a great trip, lots of photos and stories for me to tell.

I have an update on the project page on Andre’s chassis and also if you send me some photos of your car for sale please include a contact number and a good digital 3/4 view taken in a large format. If Bob Gorby is reading this blog I have a customer interested in your 29 hiboy but I don’t have your phone or email address. If your car is removed from the For Sale section it means that it has been listed for 30 days and I have received no interest.

It is late for me, so I will say good night.

Stay Tooned!


Toppers was a little cold but we all survived the day by wearing our jackets.

I first saw this Mercury when I lived in Danville and never forgot it. I always felt this was a very good example of a mild chopped Mercury. I love the color and Pontiac grille.

He used to bring this car to Max’s on Saturday mornings for all of us to admire. I have never seen it dirty.

Do you like your tudor sedan stock or chopped. I like them both but the chopped one is for me.

Lots of wood grained dashes are showing up in the cars being built today. I really liked this coupe but would have to paint the steering column. I have even seen them wood grained.

Here is a late model build with all the new neat stuff on the market. Note the A/C in this roadster.

A real deal Deuce had all of the early speed equipment installed in this work in process roadster. $$$

He was displaying some Kinmont brakes and blower parts on this table

The Columbia was interesting to look at. Lots of parts that must work together to provide the overdrive rear end.

He had a set of the brakes installed on his roadster. They really look right on this style roadster. $$$

This is more in my era of building hot rod engines. A full FI unit really sets off this Deuce coupe. I had one in a 3 window of Walt’s and it kept breaking speedometer cables. I carried an extra one under the seat and used it often.

Today’s Favorite!

One of the Choppers sedan caught my eye on the second floor. He chopped the top 5 inches in his driveway and did a decent job.

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