Toppers Tuesday

I will start this week off on a sad note. My Father Merle, 93 years old passed away after a long and wonderful life. I will miss him and always remember the good guidance he gave me growing up. He pushed me to pursue my dreams and never give up. For the most part he was correct. A small town boy who dreamed of working for General Motors with little chance of getting hired to a GM Executive. Dreams do come true. Thank you, Dad.

On a lighter note, today is my birthday, 67 years old and still playing with cars and dreaming. Speaking of dreaming, how about the New York Giants. They may have a dream come true in February. I know Paul at NSRA is not happy, but it was a great game in perfect football weather. New England didn’t look that good and Brady has a cast on his leg.

This site is about cars so I will get back to the subject. Here are some photos of sedans as it is cold today and I must get ready for the GNRS this weekend. A sedan with a heater would be nice as my Father’s deuce tudor had no heater and we drove it in the winter time. I am sure he has a high dollar one now that will carry him and his dog to the river. So long, Dad.

Stay Tooned!



How about a 4 door Phaeton. Looks kind of cool doesn’t it. Boyd built a nice tudor version a few years back for Jamie.


A complete stocker on ebay today. I wonder if it has a heater.


Here is an old photo someone sent me. Looks like the one I use to have. These were high school cheap coupes.


Varni’s trend setter. I have seen this car and love everything about it. Perfect Hot Rod!


Full fendered cars look grate with the top chopped and big rake. Primer is O.K. for hiboys, not full fendered cars.


Here is a nice hiboy with a heater and red wheels. The top is too high so it would need a big heater.



Great story on Jalopy Journal. Two Deuce coupes from the barn. How lucky could you be. Be sure to read the story.

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