Toppers Tuesday

I know many of you have memories of a car you had years ago and wonder what happened to it. I know I have  had so many cars that I can’t remember them all but my friend John sent along some photos of a Deuce roadster I purchased in the early 70’s and stored away in my new house. I have not thought about that car for over 40 years until today. I sold the car to John when I moved to Atlanta and lost track of the rough roadster. Fast forward to today when I opened the email and there was my old roadster almost finished. Some people finally finish their projects and this one looks good. I thank John for the history lesson on this car.

I spent today welding on the chassis. I was challenged by vertical TIG welding today but after watching a real good U-tube video I gave it a try and was happy with the results. I can’t turn the chassis to weld horizontal so I had no choice. I have wanted to learn the technique for a couple of years but never gave it a try. I will get better with practice but for now I am satisfied.

I am burned out on Deuces for now but I still have a few more photos today and that will be it for a week or so. Forty Fords are on my mind now and I have several friends who are building them.

Stay Tooned!


You can only dream about owning a house with a garage like this one. The photo is only a portion of the garage space all of which is like checking into the Ritz in Dana Point.

I have this one stored away in my mind if I ever come across a nice sedan body I can afford.

Red drove his vicky out from Florida for the show. This is one fine vicky.

Surprise, a Red Ram not a Chevy under the hood. The engines fit well in the Deuce but are pricey to locate and build.

Join the fun and purchase a 4 door sedan. You can take all the family in style with a cool cruiser like this one.

I thought this Porsche blue sedan was the best looking sedan in the show.

Your basic high school hot rod was parked all alone in the parking structure. I have seen this one several times over the years.

Walt was thinking about his new hot rod while stopping by Walden’s on the Early Times run.

George and Gary stopped at Donner Summit in the 70’s to see the sights.

Todays Favorite!

The cool hiboy sedans stopped on their way home to have one last look at the Pacific ocean. Both cars are driven frequently and I was glad to see them in the show. Thanks for the photo.

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