Toppers Tuesday

I started going to Toppers about 7 years ago and always enjoyed the luncheons with the boys and ladies (sometimes). Today was sunny and bright so Dave and Bob-O drove their roadsters. I drove Ruby after putting some more shine on her this morning. Woodies require a lot of upkeep if you want them to always look nice. The roadsters were also shining and we had lots of lookers today. The conversation hit on the Big 3 swap meet in San Diego and the Early Times mid-Winter run on Sunday. Both events along with the Daytona 500 and the Oscars for the ladies makes a full weekend in the LA area. The weather promises to be nice so fire up that hot rod and do some real driving this weekend.

I have been working on the site and have most of the bugs out of the new system but let me know if you are having any problems navigating the different topics. I have a lot of interest in the cars listed but nothing has sold that I know of. I am going to limit the cars to 10 units and the parts to 10 pieces. It is a lot of work to do this as I am the only one taking the photos and hitting the keys. Duration will be limited to 30 days and then removed. Thanks for all the interest in Pewsplace free listings.

Andre is coming along and I posted some new photos today. Bob and I are going to take the chassis to Ajax on his trailer next week for sure. In the meantime I am cleaning up the chassis filling holes and straightening the bottom rails which are always bent. The new inner  u-channel will keep them from bending when jacking up the car.

Finally, the 80th anniversary of the Deuce is just a week away and I am looking forward to the show on Saturday. I have friends from all over the country coming to see the Deuces. It should provide all Deuce lovers with a full day or week of activities with the most favorite hot rod of all time… the 1932 Ford. The flyer states authentic 1932 Fords only which is subject to interpretation. It is my understanding the car must resemble a 1932 Ford and cannot be a 29 hiboy on Deuce rails. I don’t think 500 authentic Deuces exist in LA. Authentic to me means unmodified or completely stock. Deuces are hot rods and should be modified to suit the owner’s taste. Certainly we are beyond the real steel, glass or repo discussion.

Stay Tooned!


This fellow wanted a two door tub and proceed to build one. Fat Jack built a Deuce tub many years ago but I couldn’t find the photo I had. You need to install the roadster cowl and shorten the doors.

Here is one I started in the 80’s. Roadster cowl and sedan back section. I had less the $500 in both pieces.

Here is another tudor tub from my photo collection. Looks good to me except for the doors.

Gordon has the authentic Deuce but it is highly modified and I love it. Cowl steering is the current rage.

Another authentic Deuce is Mo’s beauty. I think we would all love to have one of these beauties in our garage but that is not possible for many.

Bruce has more than most of the authentic roadsters and all are hot rods and driven often. This is what it is all about to me.

Can you deny that this completely reproduction Deuce roadster is not a beautiful rendition of the early style hiboy roadsters of the early days? Some folks only like the real ones and I don’t know why. How real do you have to be to have fun in one of these cars.

Driving your Deuce on a sunny day up the coast is what I call one of the best times you can have in your hot rod.

I sure hope there are lots of sedans for me to look at while attending the show. Rex had a hand in this one from Colorado.

Many of us like the stock look with a little rake. This one would have a crowd around it all day with many questions asking “Is it for sale?”. Nope!

This is what Deuce lovers do best. Take their cars all over the western states and have a good time.

 Today’s Favorite

George has all authentic Deuces and is in favorite of the Hot Rod look on most of them. Somewhere in Wyoming he stopped for a photo.

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