Toppers Tuesday

My daughter headed back to the Bay area and I headed to Frantic’s to pick up my springs and related parts.  I was happy to finally have all the parts to complete the rear end installation.  While I was there I looked at an exhaust system he just installed on a 35 Ford truck using Magnaflow mufflers.  Fred started the truck and the sound was exactly what I was looking for, not to soft and not too loud, just right. I will build the head pipes from mandrel bent tubing but he can do the rest. Fred does a good job and makes everything removable for coating.  I spent all morning at Fred’s and was late to Toppers where the discussion was on 39 convertible sedans which several of us like a lot.

The 39 tubs are not for everyone but you can learn to love them stock or chopped and lowered.  John is building one along with his friend who has his almost completed.  I looked for several years and found about 20 of them but never did find the right one for the right price.  They don’t bring a big price in the market place and I don’t know why.  If they were a 40 they would be priceless.  John’s friend has a 40 dash and front end and is a full custom.  Bob O and Dave both share the love of the custom tubs.  I prefer the stock and dropped axle style but then I am not much for changing Henry’s design in the the 39-48 Fords.

I came home and installed the rear springs and rear axle.  I had hoped that the 57 SW Ford rear axle perches would drop into place on the springs but they were off by 1/2 inch.  I will either remove the pads and reinstall them or modify the ones that are installed.  Fred told me they need to be mounted 6 degrees up for proper alignment.  The stock Ford mounts are about 5 degrees so that would be close enough.  I will solve the problem tomorrow.

Stay Tooned!


Here is my style 39 convertible sedan.  Stock appearing with dropped axle and mono leaf rear.


This is a great view of the 39 convertible sedan.  Wheels up in the fender wells make for the custom look.  Nothing else is needed in my opinion.  My wife really likes these cars.  I wonder how windy they are with all those windows and convertible top flapping around…who cares!

John loves this one from the past.  Note this is a 1938 with the bustle back.

The late Art claimed this was a 1940 convertible sedan built for the Worlds Fair in 1939?

Bruce purchased this one from a storage trailer a few years back.  I had looked at the car but passed for some reason.  Why do we do that?  I love this one.

This would have been the Prom Queens ride when I was in high school.  Looks great doesn’t it.  Bob O’s dream!

Here is a bone stock one that sold for a good price recently and was from back east.  It wouldn’t take much for this one to be Prom Queen material.

If converts are not for you then then how about a 39 standard sedan.

Mercury also had a convertible sedan in the same era.  I see this one at the Trompers Swap meet sometimes.  This is a very rare car.

 Today’s convertible sedan….dreaming!

Here is the best example of the stock 39 convertible sedan I could find.  Fat Jack built this one and it is flawless.  A Rodders Journal feature car a few years ago.  Nice ride.






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