Toppers Tuesday

Tuesday’s are normally busy for me and today was no exception.  I started off at Bob’s house helping him get the 40 coupe ready for the new owner.  We laid out all the parts so the buyer could see what he was getting and ask any questions.  The car is 99% complete and will make him a super nice 40 coupe.  I left prior to Toppers and stopped by the house to check on parts I purchased yesterday.  I had good luck at Frantic’s yesterday and had time to install the rear shackles and master cylinder adapter.  I am on the roll, so I feel good so far this week and only have one day left prior to the predicted heavy rains.  The morning flew by and before I knew it I was at Toppers.  We had a good crowd and I was the last one to arrive so I grabbed parking spot next to Dick newly painted 37 Cadillac.  What a beautiful car after the maroon paint was applied by Scott.  This is Dick’s daily driver which made me think what I would like to have as a daily driver while finishing Andre.

I am not into driving a new truck or car so I would only settle for a car with lots of room and very dependable in any type of weather.  I am not afraid to drive a nice car daily but prefer one that I don’t have to worry about every minute I am in the car or away from it for a period of time.  I know some folks prefer to sit by their car and talk to people about it but I am one who prefers to park it and go about my business.  I think my first choice would a sedan but a 40 coupe would sure be nice also.  The large trunk in the coupe would carry most items I purchase and the warmth of the cockpit in any type weather is perfect.  Here are some choices to consider.

Stay Tooned!


High on my Christmas wish list is a CMG 40 like this one built by Bob.  I am in love with this style of 40 coupe.

The rear view with the LYN 089 license plate would fit me perfect.  I like the shiny paint but the patina one would be fine also.

Bob does have Steve’s old coupe for sale in the patina shade of CMG.  This is a nice 40 for the money.

I like the maroon coupes also.  The cut outs peeking out from under the running boards would be a nice touch as I had them on mine in high school.

Steve likes this 41 with a modern drive train and perfect rust free patina.  The price of $25k seems reasonable.  Perfect “Office” driver and Toppers special.

Bob O likes sedans and this wire wheeled standard really caught his eye while he was in Bonneville.

I still like this style but I don’t think I could select a radical Deuce sedan over a nice 40 coupe.  I would guess you could find one for about the same price.

I went to look at this daily driver a month ago and liked the overall look and versatility of the pickup.  The body was in need of some body work on the doors but the rest of the car looked very nice to me.  Craigslist is full of these trucks for a reasonable price.

I had planned on making this one my daily driver but got carried away with Lucy. Alan made it a beautiful car and over my budget for a driver.

I have admired this convert for many years and would love to drive it to the “Office” and park next to Dick’s and Dave’s chopped 40 converts.  I do know of two cars that would make wonderful daily drivers but both are not for sale. They get driven very little.  Hint, Hint!

Today’s Daily Driver….dreaming!

I am not a 39 fan but this one has the look and stance that I really like.  A forty in this color really looks good also.

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