Toppers Tuesday

I was late to Toppers due to working on a pitman arm for Andre.  It seems all the ones I have are the wrong spline so I tried one more and it was still too loose.  I arrived late and the discussion was on Deuce Week which is coming up next year at the Petersen Museum.  I mentioned that they were going on tours during the week and we should tag along in one of Bob O’s many Deuces.  While most of us have been the same shops many times it is always nice to return and see the latest projects.  Shops that have survived this economy will be around for a long time and we should support them.  You can check out the event on  You won’t want to miss this special 80th anniversary celebration.

Another topic was staying focused on your current project for the balance of the year.  We all waste a lot of time at the “Office” that could be used to accomplish something on our projects.  I am going to limit my visit’s to Saturday for the rest of the year and see if I can have Andre in good shape by Christmas.  I have a goal in mind for Andre and I need to stay in the garage with the door closed and my head under the welding helmet.  I told Bob O I would weld his frame when he is ready and Lloyd needs a trailer axle welded but that is it for the balance of 2011.

I also picked up a 350 case to mock up the transmission in Andre but I need to remove the center saddle prior to doing so.  I put that off until the weekend when I have more time and some help from the wife.

Stay Tooned!


I cleaned the axle housing outside which made the wife happy and the neighbors who listened to me run my air tools all afternoon during the football games.

The end result came out terrific and the polishing of the blemishes will be appreciated by the powder coater.

All the brackets are bolted on and will be powder coated with the chassis after blasting.  This is the TCI rear bracket.

The front spring hanger bolts into the stock rivet holes and makes alignment easy for the novice.

Most of us enjoy this stage of the build.  We push the car outside to capture the perfect lines.  Nice chop on this one.

The 36 roadster is one fine hot rod for most folks.  I love the subtle colors with the contrasting orange wheels.  Sharon wants Gary to build her one like this.

Folkstone gray is another subtle color that looks good on a 40 coupe.  Do you like the grille guard?

Not Folkstone but Moonbeam gray is another subtle color that looks good on the “Fat” convertibles.  The black top breaks up the mass on these big cars. This was one of Lobeck’s finds a few years ago.  Nice ride.

I loved this red oxide 40 sedan at Forty Ford Day this year.  Bob O likes the sedans and tubs.

On the other hand some people really do like to be a show dog.  How about this collection of gold!

This is my style of hot rod.  What more could you ask for than a super clean 34 three window coupe with whitewall tires and white wheels.

This is one style of tudor sedan I really like.  The Kennedy Boys built this one and JR  has the body in his garage waiting for the build his way.

I am growing fond of the resto-rod style lately.  I am in love with the Tacoma cream spoke wheels and blackwall tires.  Big lights, cowl lights and horn all spell the 1970’s.

Bob had this one for sale at the LARs and is was really a nice complete car.  The car needed a total restoration which made it a six figure hot rod.

Today’s 40 sedan….not dreaming!

Winter is here in several parts of the country.  I hope all of you have at least one or two more days left to enjoy your ride.  It was in the 80’s here in LA. Come visit us when the snow flies.





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