Toppers Tuesday

I have been busy all day chasing parts, taking photos for a customer in Australia, and installing the final wishbones on Andre.  The day has been really gloomy but when you keep busy you don’t mind.  I have not located the correct u-joint so I started on the wishbones after Toppers.  I finished one but have one more to go tomorrow. Nothing difficult except laying on the ground installing them in cold weather is not for me. The wife helped me and that made things go easier.  She is a real trooper.  She loved the Woody show so much she was ready to help on the Hot Rod.

I am dealing with selling Bob’s 40 coupe to another customer in Australia which is proving to be interesting.  I don’t think I would purchase a car from pictures but I have taken over 70 photos and sent them to him.  Bob is out of room so he really would like the car to go away.  The buyers in Australia really are dragging the American cars to their country.  I hate to see them leave the states but not many people here are spending money on cars in this economy.  If you want to sell a car the HAMB is the place to advertise for international exposure.

I did not attend the HRR this past weekend but Frank did and sent along some photos of his trip.  From all accounts, I understand the show was a huge success and the weather was ideal for the races.

Stay Tooned!


Frank loves the 34 roadsters as I do and this was a super example of my dream roadster.  I love the louvered hood and the fenders.

Gasser’s are part of our history and the Willys was the one to beat in my youth.  I am not sure about this front end but I have never seen one like this.

The end of the track is where you want to be to see the real Hot Rod display.  Note black plate.

Same location is filled with customs also.  The 36 makes a very nice ride with it’s LaSalle grille and louvered side panels.

Waiting in the line can be a long time when you have the number of cars they have at Bakersfield.  Willys are really the ones to watch.  The wheel stands make my heart beat a little faster than normal.

Another 34 with the “Look”.  This one was at B’Ville this year.

This delivery has been around for many years.  That is a Mercury grille installed in the 41 delivery.

On Saturday I finished the steering column conversion to a DD.  Thanks Bob for the use of the lathe.

The shaft is seamless once it is welded to the DD conversion shaft.  The u-joints are pricey today.

This photo shows the column installed with the new shaft.  I still have to shorten the shaft to provide room for the u-joint.

Today’s sedan delivery….dreaming!

My first delivery was a 1934 so when I saw this one for sale I just had to show it to you.  The wheels indicate 1980’s along with the Corvette rear end but the car sure is nice in the Cordoba Tan color.  I would add orange steelies and drive the wheels off it.








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