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Andre was really happy yesterday.  I spent all day working on his steering column conversion.  I installed the stock 40 column and cut the shaft to fit the 525 box – 3/4 x 30 spline.  I thought I could turn down about 2 inches of the DD shaft and insert it into the 7/16 hole in the stock shaft.  I don’t have a lathe so I had to go over to Bob’s this morning and use his.  He only has a 3 jaw chuck which won’t work on the DD shaft.  I will take it to the local machine shop and have him do it for me.  I have lots of space to work now and should be able to accomplish a great deal this week.

We discussed the Hot Rod Reunion coming up at Bakersfield and decided to go up on Friday for the day and see the drag cars in action.  I always enjoy the show but the walking is hard on me.  I have a friend who is on the pit crew and takes me around in his golf cart.  Now that is the way to see the cars.  I don’t stay for the “cackle fest”, but I hear it is really something to see and hear.

We should have some great Hershey stories today at lunch from Dave who just returned from this epic event.  I looked at a few photos on the HAMB and wished I was there to enjoy the old Fords and parts. Maybe next year.

Stay Tooned!


Weedetr offers a complete conversion for the stock column but I am making my own.  Note wire for horn.  I want to use the stock horn button not a dash mounted unit.  Safety first.

I am also using a nicely restored 40 column drop.  If you have never rebuilt one of these you should consider purchasing one from the Early Ford Store of California. They are a lot of work to restore.

Here are the components  used for the conversion.  The Borgeson joint is a spline and DD unit.  I will turn the DD shaft down to 7/16 and insert it in the stock steering shaft hole.  I will then plug weld the shaft along with welding the two units together. I am thinking this is the way to obtain the shaft I want. I have used a marine shaft from Glenwood Marine but it does not have the hole for the wire.

The lower end of the column has been shortened and a Delrin bushing installed for the steering shaft.  I still have to rework the shifter arm for the automatic transmission.  Today’s project.

Here are the final parts ready for machining.  I think this will make a safe union between the two shafts.

My friend Bob is hoping his new sedan turns out like this one.  Note the rear tire size. ?

This is your classic SBC in a Deuce.  Note the stock firewall and Hedman headers. The flex radiator hose was the only way to go in high school.

Hershey had this 34 to offer for model 40 lovers.  John loves the wheels and skirts.

Dan built his version of the 80’s look that Boyd made so popular.  He drives the wheels off of this smoothy. Compare this style to the above stocker.

Model 40 trucks are also real popular today.  This chopped top version was at Moorpark for all to view.  You need to be small to fit in these early trucks.

I found this on the HAMB and used it to get Andre ready for his lower patch panels. I need to cut the panels next and fit them to the removed opening.  The gap is critical and must be perfect for TIG welding.

A Deuce Vicky from the past with T-Bird engine and wire wheels showed up at Moorpark.  Note the black plate.

A perfect pair was parked under the trees during the show.  The 40 sedan is local and was for sale.

Today’s roadster….available!

Terry has his 35 roadster up for sale.  The car has history back to 1951 and is now back on the market.  Let me know if you have an interest and I will put you in touch with the owner.

This is a current photo but could have been taken back in the 50’s.  Period correct hot rods are coming back strong.

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